British Airways proprietor IAG slashes flights after €1.3bn hunch | Enterprise

International Airlines Group (IAG), owner of British Airways, reduced its airline schedule last year with a reported loss of € 1.3bn in the third quarter.

In the wake of unplanned trade changes, the group says it will reduce travel between October and December by only 30%, accusing it of repealing restrictions imposed by many European governments.

1 September 2020

Boris Johnson

“We are not fighting the epidemic, because of the deaths and hospital admissions, but we will continue to address them, and shut down the area and our testing machines.”

9 September 2020

Boris Johnson

“The NHS Test and Trace is doing an honorable job, and today most people get the test on their own within 24 hours, and the average distance is less than 10 miles if someone travels to get … [To Keir Starmer] We sing hard – what he does is just sit next to the carp. ”

9 September 2020

Boris Johnson

[On the ‘moonshot’ proposal for mass, near-instant testing:] “We hope the process will spread by summer and, if all goes well, it is possible that even the most difficult groups such as theaters will have a better life than before Christmas.”

16 September 2020

Boris Johnson

“We don’t have enough practice tests now because, in a good country, I want to fully test anyone who wants a test right away … Yes, there is a long way to go, and we will work day and night to make sure you get there.”

17 September 2020

Matt Hancock

“Obviously there is a problem with the test… We have sent tests to all schools to make sure they are available. However I also know the difficulty of getting the test … The test is there, although it is difficult to get.”

The loss was even worse than researchers’ estimates of 920 million euros and compared with 1.4 billion gains over the same period last year. Third-party earnings fell by 83% and the group, which also includes Iberia, Vueling and Aer Lingus, warned of a decline in power which meant it would not be able to reach a quarterback in the fourth quarter.

In July, the IAG raised £ 2.5bn to boost its spending by predicting a $ 3.8bn decline in the first half of the year. The fluid remained strong, he said Thursday.

The results were first published under the leadership of a new general, Luis Gallego, who took over from Willie Walsh in early September.

The group announced a reduction in travel expenses in September, but said reservations had been lifted due to the European government’s response to the second Covid-19 case.

The IAG called the existing environment “extremely unsafe” and said that airlines do not reserve aircraft as expected due to government restrictions, including your restrictions and increasing the exclusionary requirements for those traveling from a growing list of countries.

The group laid off thousands of jobs at its airports, including Iberia and BA, which sought to create 12,000 more workers when the outbreak began in the spring.

The IAG complained that governments had not yet established mechanisms to gain public confidence in writing or travel, such as testing pre-existing coronavirus tests or fixing “corridors” between countries, which allow riders to travel unnecessarily with the exception of individuals.

Airlines and British carriers, including the BA, have called on the government for several months to allow the immediate launch of coronavirus testing for passengers arriving at UK airports, warning that failure to do so is serious for airlines and puts thousands of jobs at risk.

A test site for coronavirus testing in the UK has opened in Heathrow, but a $ 80 test is available for those traveling from London to Hong Kong on flights including BA, Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific.

The test should be pre-recorded, and the results will be available in less than an hour, a move that seems to be a major part of demonstrating the potential for the removal of healthy riders to move and the end of transmission rules.

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