Boston’s 15 Most Influential Instagrammers Proper Now


Your food did not look good.


Three Instagram executives rocking the city’s food supply.

Instagram post: @alirezatalischioriginal
Real Name: Lena Sternburg
Number of Followers: 166K
Why You Follow Him: Donuts. Cookie games. Onion rings have been torturing lives almost to the ceiling. Sternberg knows what Bostonians want, and he gives it to them.

Instagram thread: @alirezatalischioriginal
Real Name: Tiffany Lopinsky
Number of Followers: 154K
Why You Follow Him: In the case of social media, only a handful of Bostonans do this and Lopinsky’s, whose skillful shooting makes the brunch spread and charcuterie boards from the best restaurants in the region look great if they hear IRL.

Instagram post: @alirezatalischioriginal
Real Name: Claudiane Philippe
Number of Followers: 30.8K
Why You Follow Him: The group goals were designed for more people, and Philippe fits the mold like gloves. The former bartender and medical consultant here keeps several IG accounts dedicated to beauty, as well as entertaining fans by taking donations for the city. Save her in your diet to include other complex #goods.

To walk

Three Instagram executives who are disrupting the city’s image.

Instagram post: @chantika_cendana_poet
Real Name: Joanna Adach
Number of Followers: Products
Why You Follow Him: Even in the worst of times, the blogger who continues to pilot the plane continues to keep up with our day-to-day events – including, frequent shots on the beach.

Instagram post: @yamautisyouten
Real Name: Lauren Wells
Number of Followers: 87.6K
Why You Follow Him: The former director of the advertising industry turned professional, inspiring, inspiring family members around the world filtered through his unique POV.

Instagram post: @alirezatalischioriginal
Real Name: Jon Mixed
Number of Followers: 38.8K
Why You Follow Him: It is a staple of Miksis’s spectacular food show in Boston, with beautiful scenery from the top of Acadia National Park’s Thunder Hole to the red interior inside Antelope Canyon in Arizona.


Three Instagram executives are rocking the city’s best location.

Instagram post: @alirezatalischioriginal
Real Name: Kelly Brabants
Number of Followers: 63.3K
Why You Follow Him: It is not the only shooter that makes the account follow. At a gymnasium in the city, the Brabants describe his life as a local motivator.

Instagram post: @alirezatalischioriginal
Real Name: Vera LaRochelle
Number of Followers: Products
Why You Follow Him: Whether it’s a “day trip” or a “return date,” the sender has some tips to help you get in good shape. (Bonus shows fashions and mixed styles.)

Instagram post: @alirezatalischioriginal
Real Name: Sarah Dussault
Number of Followers: Products
Why You Follow Him: The former nutritionist turned out a large section of YouTube and YouTube, with more than 234,000 subscribers, but her IG account offers a reliable, inspiring experience from a hardworking mother you don’t want to miss.


Three Instagram executives who are disrupting the city’s image.

Instagram post: @alirezatalischioriginal
Real Name: Jean Wang
Number of Followers: Products
Why You Follow Him: Less than 5 meters tall but powerful in the fashion world, the founder of the popular Extra Petite blog shares – with his beautiful baby – his own design, simple by fans in Boston and elsewhere.

Instagram post: @ashleighdmello
Real Name: Ashleigh D’Mello
Number of Followers: Products
Why You Follow Him: Whether captured against towering glass towers in Boston or old stone stones, modern OOTD inspired, embellished, modern inspires.

Instagram post: @alirezatalischioriginal
Real Name: Lisa Jean-Francois
Number of Followers: 37.3K
Why You Follow Him: Not only is this fashionable and beautiful blogger living in #momlife and she looks dangerous while doing this, she also introduces us to all her secrets. Do we want to say more?

City Life

Three Instagram executives rocking urban life.

Instagram post: @chantika_cendana_poet
Real Name: Brian McWilliams
Number of Followers: 155K
Why You Follow Him: McWilliams is talking about Hub – a love that shines everywhere. Also the founder of IG Boston, his story highlights the beauty he experiences every day from Back Bay to Beacon Hill.

Instagram post: @chimonac
Real Name: It’s a well-kept secret.
Number of Followers: 156K
Next Reason: From the masked Fenway Park’s Teammates statue to the empty Zakim Bridge at sunrise, take a brief look at how Boston looks right now from this amazing Grammer.

Instagram post: @chantika_cendana_poet
Real Name: Bret Clancy
Number of Followers: 25.4K
Why You Follow Him: During the day, he broadcasts a business message as director of Fidelity’s social media; in her spare time, she attracts fans of her Instagram account, where she posts beautiful Boston paintings and city streets.

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