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Boomer Children’s Retirement in Mexico – Travis Scott Luther

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Fitness Blogger, I was recently contacted by Travel Author Scott Luther, to see if I would like to read his latest book on Boomers In Mexico. His book is called; Fun Wall feature – Retirement Boomer Kids in Mexico.

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As a fan of going to Mexico for several years now, I was thrilled to have the opportunity and learn more about why so many American children are moving to different parts of Mexico.

What I learned from reading this book did not surprise me at all. What it did, is the growing number of Americans who choose to spend their retirement years across the border.

About The Wall’s Writer

Travis Luther Author

Travis Scott Luther is a Colorado writer, speaker and businessman. He holds a Masters Degree in Sociology and his Masters Thesis research, then the results and foundations of this publication. It is very clear who, when, when and why the Native Americans have chosen to emigrate to Mexico for their work.

He traveled to Mexico several times and spent many hours interviewing hundreds of retired people, who now live south of the Border.

For those of you who can think of this topic, his book will answer all your questions and many more.

Interesting Part of the Wall – Introduction

Mexican flag

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

Travis focused on his book for the public;

✈ Considering Employment in Mexico;

✈ Retirement Non-Mexican;

✈ Researchers are investigating Child Boomers, Retirement and Non-Retirement Models.

Obviously anyone who would consider moving in this way, would have a number of application questions and how to start the ball. Travis is concerned with everything in his book, including some useful tools for internet browsing, to get you started.

Many of the topics he wrote in the book surprised me.

Boomers in Mexico – Is It Good For You

Mexico Sun.

Moving to Mexico is not for everyone, especially those who would expect the standards to get used to it at home. Over the years, we have made several trips to Mexico tours, including camping in Baja.

I love the people and culture in Mexico. Instead, I took Spanish-language courses and courses at the Spanish University over the years. But to move to Mexico from Canada at this point in my life is not something we can think of.

Focus on Boomers From the United States

We have the privilege of having fewer people than our southern counterparts. Instead, all Canadians are very close to the State of California. We have a place to rest, and we are grateful that our care and long-term care facilities have been provided by our government.

Through his extensive research into why Boomers are moving, this is what Travis found;

“I’ve noticed that the Boomers are interested in Mexico because they think they can save money and stay there,” he said. “But when they get there, they fall in love with the locals and the Mexicans and their culture. Therefore, even the idea of ​​relaxing and saving money attracts them. . ”

It seems that after reading this book, American Boomers are looking for a better life than is the case in the United States.

In our southern camps over the years, we have been in contact with many American Boomers in Arizona and Southern California. Many of them travel to Mexico for regular dental and medical care.

Both claim that their income is much higher, as well as the same professional care they can receive in the United States.

Boomers In Mexico – Advice

Mexican Food Dishes

Photo by Hannah Brannigan from Pexels

If you have decided to move to Mexico during your golden years, I want to improve your life and your lifestyle, then I encourage you to pick up the book The Fun Side Of The Wall. What you find in this book will help you to make the decisions that are right for you!

Below, I have included a link to Travis Scott Luther’s blog post to help you. Her website has some great blog posts and much more. Worth researching.

Buff Strong Buffalo – How to Move to Mexico

I also wrote a link to the Official Mexico Tourism below on their website so you don’t have to worry. It has a good sense of all the beauty in this country.

Visit the Mexico Tourism Logo

Tourism Tour to Mexico

Safe Journey! ????

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Although my book The Fun Side Of The Wall was provided by Covenant with Travis Scott Luther, rest assured that all of his findings and opinions are the author’s and reflect my own personal experiences.

Did you know…

“Mexico is home to the world’s largest pyramid – The Great Pyramid Has 180 Legs

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