Book Review: A book that narrates the journey of a kidney doctor


Dr.Georgi is a medical doctor who has worked tirelessly for his patients to improve their care and to be diligent in his teaching and research work demonstrating his dedication and dedication to his profession. Georgi’s journey and story are written in this book which shows how it has affected many people including patients, colleagues, students and the same organizations.

“This book called My Patients My God. A trip to the Kidney Doctor is a testament to my work and to meet some of the world’s leading kidney specialists. 1992 in Chennai, who occupy a high position as kidney specialists in the US, UK, Africa, Canada and India. Another topic – My Best Friends are from all walks of life, whose support is invaluable in my teaching, charity and research work. God cares and remembers the experiences of my patients who have been helped by God to move on with their lives, in India and Nepal, to be role models for others with kidney disease, ”says Dr Georgi.

The 18 chapters starting with – My Childhood and Doomsday in My Life are presented to readers about rural life, vivid memories of childhood and seeing the death of my mother. All other chapters show connections with patients from different countries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Africa and India.

The founding of the Tanker Foundation ( is a special case of Fiji refugee refugees Mr Naidu who arrived in Toronto in 1987 with kidney problems and how Canadian medical staff received all the benefits. “The Murder Charge and its findings on the study of other physicians. Research and training on whether medical monuments are presented in the International Advisor chapter at the Royal College of Physicians London and the nonprofit Nephrology course in Pakistan,” he said. this book.

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