Boeing’s 737 Max Will Be Flying Once more. This is What You Must Know

The Federal Aviation Administration has lifted its ban on Boeing’s 737 Max, allowing the plane to return to the skies after a 20-month hiatus following an accident in Indonesia and Ethiopia that killed 346 people.

It is the last minute for Boeing, which has been sorely missed due to the decline in global travel caused by the coronavirus. Until it was established, one lane Max, with 230 seats, was carrying on the streets short and medium distance. But the lifting of the ban raises several questions about what will happen next.

Most travelers will not be able to meet Max soon.

The FAA must still approve training methods for US pilots flying in Max. The planes need to be replaced with new software and cables. And planes that crash because of a lack of traffic do not encourage immediate action.

American Airlines is expected to be Max’s first carrier, planning to use the aircraft from December 29 to January 4 on a flight linking Miami International Airport and La Guardia Airport in New York. The airline intends to extend operations in January, using Max for about 36 flights from Miami in one day, according to a letter from American officials to co-workers.

United Airlines he says he hopes to start using Max in the first phase of 2021, with a waiting period of more than 1,000 hours per flight, resumption of flight and the results of his flight and monitoring.

And Southwest Airlines, a major Boeing customer who uses all 737 ships, said it could take a long time for his 34 Max machines to return. In a letter to the crew, the airline chief, Gary Kelly, said the southwest would not use Max until the second quarter of the new year – not until he and many other supervisors boarded the plane.

Alaska Airlines has several Max jets on the system and expects to receive the first one in January, with a job starting in March.

Delta Air Lines, another major airliner in the world, does not fly Max.

The lifting of Max’s flight ban comes almost two years after a major overhaul of the aircraft in the press, in Congress, from the FAA and from pilots around the world.

Stephen Dickson, FAA chief executive and former pilot, ruled on a pilot tour in September and said he liked what he saw. After completing the FAA’s basis, he said he was confident that the change of flight would address any security issues.

“The process that brought us here was long and tedious, but we said from the beginning that we would take the right time to achieve this,” he said in a video message. “I am very happy because my family is doing this.”

Before the plane can take off again, computer software known as MCAS, which is criticized for pushing the planes in both directions, will be piloted and pilots will be tested. For example, every southwest pilot will be trained in one of the nine positions of 737 Max.

The Air Line Pilots Association, a coalition representing about 60,000 pilots in North America, including Delta and United, has expressed confidence in FAA’s proposed reforms, saying the group “believes the infrastructure in the airplane is better and more efficient. would bring a return to 737 Max. ”

There is no doubt that many travelers are reluctant to board Max, but many experts say that it does not take long to regain confidence.

Airlines are keen to demonstrate the safety of the aircraft, reassuring customers that they are also monitoring the situation. United has said it will conduct “additional pilot training, a number of pilot pilots and a thorough monitoring of the aircraft’s readiness.”

But the epidemic has solved some of the problems of rapid flight – and created opportunities. Because of the small number of travelers on board, their planes are able to slow down the flight without much business, giving them time to show skeptics that the plane can take off without incident. And researchers believe that the next few months without any major complications will be possible.

If the former is any correction, it may be correct. In 2013, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was launched worldwide for four months for smoking lithium-ion batteries on two separate occasions. Passengers were afraid to fly for a while, but Boeing managed to get through the hurricane quickly, and now the Dreamliner is in the middle of a world-class flight.

The FAA’s view is to focus on Max’s flight procedures in the United States, but other air traffic controllers must also make similar decisions before elsewhere. Most have to do the same thing urgently, but some have taken their time and set their own goals.

The Canadian Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, says his agency is still monitoring itself.

“We expect the project to be completed soon,” he said. “However, there will be differences between what the FAA approves today, and what Canada needs from those who use it.”

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