Best UK Christmas theme park events to book now including Legoland, Alton Towers and Gulliver’s Land from £26 a ticket

ONE of the most famous parks in the UK is already preparing for Christmas 2021.

It means that families can make better use of the holiday season by booking in advance, when travel restrictions are reduced and they can be more confident in going out in public.


Beautiful UK landscapes change the Christmas season, as do Alton Towers and its festive lightsMoney: Alton Towers

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Alton Towers, Legoland and Drayton Manor are some of the parks that will give kids the opportunity to meet fun people and maybe even the same Father Christmas.

Some events allow families to sleep through the night, with fire extinguishers, demonstrations and an open ride in the evening.

Prices are also wallet friendly, with tickets starting at just $ 26.

So if you want anything good for the whole family, here are some great Christmas attractions for you to go to later this year.

Legoland at Christmas

Legoland is transformed into a delightful place of snow


Legoland is transformed into a delightful place of snowMoney: Legoland

Occurring between November 27 2021 and January 3 2022, the Legoland festival transforms the park into a spectacular winter landscape with bright lights, snow-covered pine trees and seasonal festivals.

The $ 29 ticket gives you the opportunity to enjoy the magic, plus a fun park ride and attractions, and you also have free cars.

For more information, book The Ultimate Festive Sleepover from $ 71.25 per person.

Guests take everything included with a $ 29 ticket, including a night’s sleep in a Lego family-friendly room and enjoy some family-friendly entertainment.

  • Legoland at Christmas from £ 29 ticket – find out here

Christmas at Gulliver’s Milton Keynes

There is a magical attraction to festivals in Gulliver's Land


There is a magical attraction to festivals in Gulliver’s LandMoney: Gulliver’s Land Resort

There is much for children to do at Gulliver’s Land at the end of Christmas.

In addition to riding festivals and attractions, the park opens to Winter Wonderland which adds a little magic to the event.

Kids can choose their gifts from Elf Workshop and can meet Santa with his elves elves.

Gulliver Land is currently donating up to 25% of their online 2021 Christmas package with online number ABOUT.

  • Christmas at Milton Keynes Gulliver tickets from £ 26 – find out here

Santa’s sleep at Alton Towers

Enjoy a holiday vacation at Alton Towers


Enjoy a holiday vacation at Alton Towers

Visitors to Alton Towers can stay at the zoo in Santa’s Sleepover.

The children will be able to sleep overnight in a hotel, and enjoy a special trip to Father Christmas.

There are also Alton Tower tickets, the Alton Towers waterpark, and a crazy nine-game stadium.

Dinner and supper, as well as a buffet breakfast, a free gift and a farewell to Santa, are also part of the event.

The ceremony takes place on December 27 & 28, as well as December 3-5, 10-11, 17 and 23 December.

  • Santa’s Sleep in Alton Towers from $ 215 for a family of four – find out here

Celebrating Christmas at Paultons Park

Meet the Christmas characters at Paultons Park


Meet the Christmas characters at Paultons ParkMoney: Paultons

Christmas at Paultons opens on select days between December 1 and 23.

Kids can see the lights throughout the park, watch beautiful Christmas music, see Peppa and George Pigs dressed in their seasonal clothes, meet different Christmas people, and show off a new Christmas and Father Christmas show.

All of this is a great ride on Paulton’s Park and Peppa Pig World. The Christmas notice is included as part of the official ticket.

  • Christmas Party at Paultons Park tickets from $ 31.50 – find out here


Alton Towers will launch a new Mardi Gras festival later this month


Cheap homes in the UK for kids to enjoy – from $ 14pp a night


UK park park offers summer / autumn 2021 – from £ 5pp overnight


Park reserve & day tickets: best for summer 2021



Hoseasons spring leaves at $ 109 per trip plus Devon & Cornwall

Drayton’s Magic Christmas

Thomas the Tank Engine is responsible for Drayton Manor


Thomas the Tank Engine is responsible for Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor has not announced the dates for the Christmas party, but if it is like last year, it is important to check their page to get a ticket.

Often, at a park party, children can meet Father Christmas at the Castle of Dreams and meet a deer at the zoo.

The Thomas the Tank Engine has an exhibition of what is shown during the festive season, and there is often a drawing of children’s favorite artwork.

Families can also watch a magical Christmas show featuring firefighting in the evening.

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