Awesome Airbnbs Near DC to Book This Spring

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For many, this spring may be the first time they have considered traveling for about a year. And while you may dream of traveling to faraway places, such as Tokyo or Tel Aviv, your successful betting is a safe, affordable, and easy-to-use, right now, behind you.

Fortunately, DC has a lot of fun, beautiful, and outdoor areas that are easy to reach for city accommodation or fast walks. In addition, there are a number of unique Airbnb routes that make the trip feel like a transition, especially if you have no hope Bridgerton romantic or experimental-and-true Lord of the Rings @alirezatalischioriginal So check out the District and surrounding areas, and check out the Mid-Atlantic for its summer.

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Washington, DC

Two guests, $ 74 a night

Being very loving Bridgerton shaken, book this amazing dining room at the Dupont Circle Inn. The room has a rooftop bed and antique decorations in an old brownstone house on a beautiful wooded street. The Inn takes care of itself without contacting it, and you have a short walk to Dupont Circle to relax outside and people watching – who knows, you might pass by your Duke of Hastings.

Nearby activities: If it’s Sunday, go to Dupont Circle Farmers Market one of the largest producers of natural foods and wholesalers all year round selling handmade products. A picnic spring in the arena is an easy way after visiting the market, or buying a book at Camera and find a fun outdoor reading bench. For dinner, keep reservations in the yard Iron Gate-It is one of the longest restaurants in DC and features Mediterranean dishes and wine from one of the city’s best chefs, Anthony Chittum.

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Annapolis, Maryland

6 guests, $ 179 a night

Distance from DC: One hour

Take to the water the capital of the state of Maryland, Annapolis, a well-known maritime city, fresh fish, and the US Naval Academy. Near the school there is this beautiful place, with nautical and enough space for the whole family to sleep. Its proximity to Main Street makes it worth your return to “Naptown”. The place has all the modern conveniences of a 100-year-old apartment building. In addition, there is a front porch with a red chair that can fall to your favorite places on a hot spring day.

Nearby activities: When you are ready to explore Annapolis, we recommend that you cross the bridge to Eastport where you will find plenty of seafood and seafood. Start with lunch at Davis Pub, one of the city’s oldest bars, and the area is known for its lobsters and pretzels, as well as Maryland tap beer. If you are a brunch lover, then list Bloody Mary and the 12 oysters of Chesapeake Bay at Boatyard & Grill Restaurants the next is crab benedict or crab bread. And after you eat, you’ll need to go outside to get rid of all the carbs. We can talk about kayak and stand on paddleboard at Annapolis Canoe and Kayak?

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Broadway, Virginia

Two guests, $ 139 per night

Distance from DC: 2 hours

If your vacation is good … precious, then you may want to see this Lord of the Rings-was encouraged to stay in Broadway, Virginia, two hours west of Washington near several rounds in Shenandoah National Park. The Hobbit House looks very similar to what you would find in the Middle Earth, but with other arrangements including hot tiles, residual lighting, and a water shower. Airbnb is on a small farm and comes with Adirondack chairs, fire stations, and acres of fields and trees for you to explore.

Nearby activities: Travelers have set out to visit this area in search of a number of trails that can lead you to elevate your view of the Shenandoah area of ​​Virginia. To get here, you can navigate Skyline Drive and a few miles away you will find the file Massanutten Trailhead, as well as Mountain Swimming Mountain, a cool refreshment method after high temperatures. Moreover, it is located on top of that mountain Luray Swords, an underground labyrinth for cave exploration.

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Floyd, Virginia

Tours 2-4, $ 59 per night

Distance from DC: Maola 4.5

Go and look at the yurt overlooking the deep darkness of the Eastern seas. This farm in southwestern Virginia, near Roanoke, is a fantastic star. Ideal for those who hate camps because the outdoor living area has king beds, running water, and fresh air. Each geodeic dome is located on twisting grass with licenses to fly in the air so you can stare at the bed in the sky at night — sweet dreams come true.

Nearby activities: Tydyd Tiny, Virginia has the charm of a small town and has no shortage of bluegrass and other musical offerings. Dogtown Road House this is where the locals come together to make pizza, beer, and music every Saturday. Meanwhile Friday, head to Jamboree Back For two hours of seasonal music from 6 p.m. Admission is free and the seats are outdoor and lounge – make sure you bring your own chairs and blankets. Meanwhile, the music resumes Epperly Mill, standing on Virginia’s “Crooked Road”.

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Natural Bridge, Virginia

4 guests, $ 182 per night

Distance from DC: Three hours

The baby will love to sleep all night in an old caboose railway that has been transformed into a small house. The car is now established in the Shenandoah Valley, but once it was a well-known railway with its interior decorated with vintage railway signs and other memorabilia. The site can light fires on fire and other outdoor activities, such as horse courts and volleyball courts, making it an ideal place for family vacations or relaxation for those who want to relax and visit nearby venues and winery.

Nearby activities: Natural Bridge State Park It is only a few minutes from this small home, and it is a beautiful, large stone bridge that attracts many visitors every year. Apart from the stone formations, Natural Bridge, Virginia also has other award-winning sites, bars, and cideries, including Great Valley Farm Brewery and Winery and Days of Halcyon Cider Co..

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Appearance of Ocean, Delaware

Two guests, $ 105 a night

Distance from DC: Three hours

A small crafted house with a beautiful garden by the sea? Yes, please. Obviously the venue is great, but the outdoor space includes a private room, a natural garden, and a dining table with a bar and wine and wine, crafts, and cocktails, so you want to spend most of your time outdoors anyway. When you are ready to hit the waves, there are a number of beaches to choose from.

Nearby activities: Visitors to Bethany. The community lives Ocean View, Delaware, a quiet village, a short bike ride along the coast. Visit Delaware Road 1 is packed with resorting restaurants, such as seafood Kitchen Northeast Northeast or snow acts on Bonkey and Snoballs Ice Cream. Breakfast is also a factor. Head to Tomorrow’s Grocery Store of coffee and sticky buns, or Ocean View Deli is a Nude Restaurant for free

big room

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Easton, Maryland, PA

Two guests, $ 125 a night

Distance from DC: 2 hours

This reformed warehouse has been successful in planning and construction which makes it hard to believe that it was once a cup of corn, a dry barn and stored corn. The flat roof makes Airbnb look much larger than it actually is, and it has a small queen bed, coffee counter, and refrigerator. Plus, you have a few minutes from Easton with a good reputation for drinking and eating.

Nearby activities: Bluepoint Hospitality Group controls the nest following Easton’s great pull and is a good reason — you’ll find many good choices. Chef Harley Peet oversees Red Socks, swanky, upscale bistro with three or four dining restaurants suitable for a holiday suitable for vacation. Also, Stewart, a Scotch bar, and a good place to spend the night. Lunch, two common bars Beeswax Broth and Sunflower & vegetables, and some options, and Happiness and Weather Gauge your coffee and sweets should be covered.

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Tim Ebner is a food writer and traveler based in Washington, DC and writes for Eater, Edible, Washington City Paper, and Forbes Travel, among others. She is originally from Maryland and has a spice problem in Old Bay. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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