Authorities clears roadworks and rail engineering works for Christmas travel

Traffic operations across Herts and Essex will be designed to reduce traffic congestion at Christmas as rail works will increase.

These routes are part of a global drive to facilitate travel during the festive season as families take advantage of the Covid-19 ban and create three-family foam.

The government is also working with traffic regulators to create a conducive environment for testing staff, to maintain and increase employment.

Secretary for Motor Vehicle Grant Shapps

Secretary of Transport Grant Shapps said: “With so many people seriously considering whether to go out to visit loved ones this Christmas, we are taking part in reducing travel.

“Removing the 778-kilometer road works and slowing down rail rails reduces disruption, reduces distractions and allows more work to take place.

“This has helped to alleviate the admin’s fine by changing the tickets for future railways, ensuring that there are staff members to assist travelers. to ensure that all that is happening is happening to contribute.

“We are working with transit agencies to help people see their loved ones, safely. We urge everyone to think critically about their travels, plan and reserve priorities, be patient, and be considerate of others – especially those who have worked hard throughout the year – This advice is sound, in addition to having a place and a veil on the sidewalks. “

Officials have written to all governments including Herts and Essex to request that they upgrade as many roads as possible and ensure that the buses run smoothly.

The government has also called on all governments to “carefully prepare for the winter season”, with 70% confirming that they have changed their breathing routes to ensure that the Covid-19 test site is available.

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