Australian airline Qantas celebrates its 100th anniversary

(CNN) – Australian airlines Qantas is celebrating its 100th anniversary on November 16, a well-known story of airlines disrupted by the coronavirus.

The plane began life as Queensland and the Northern Territory Aerial Services, which was transformed into QANTAS, – as you can imagine – November 16, 1920.

The three founders, Hudson Fysh, Paul McGinness and Fergus McMaster, believe that the existing travel business could be a way to connect remote areas in rural Australia.

Its first aircraft was the Avro 504, a biplane before World War I capable of locating a pilot and one passenger.

Initially, small planes sent mail and cargo between rural towns, but the plane was relocated along with the country and Qantas (now in a few eggs) became a landmark for Australia in 1959. Its first international route to Singapore in 1935 .

Its kangaroo records began to appear in 1944 and accompanied the aircraft in the development of the aircraft throughout the Asia-Pacific and other regions.

“Globally, Qantas is probably best known for its safety, endurance and long-range aviation. But for Australians, there is nothing like seeing a kangaroo flying at an airport, waiting for you to go home,” the airline CEO Alan Joyce said in a statement. .

In the midst of the epidemic, Qantas flew several “rescue planes” that brought Australian nationals from remote parts of the world.

Qantas’ name is not the only one that has changed over the years. The airline is known to be the start of the business and, in the non-Covid year, is the only carrier that flies to all seven countries.

Like many other airlines around the world, Qantas has been hit hard by the decline in traffic during the epidemic. It has responded by launching a “any other flight” in which passengers spend seven hours flying through the contract, passing places like the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru.

Although major airplane plans for the year have been curtailed due to local virus control measures, Qantas made a spectacular trip to Sydney Harbor to celebrate the big day.

CNN’s Angus Watson provided reports.

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