Attention-grabbing Slovakia Details You Have to Know

Slovakia is a beautiful country in Europe, with clean streets and warm, friendly people.

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. It is the only major city in the world, having two countries. The distance between Vienna and Bratislava is so short that during World War II, you could travel from the Slovak capital to Austria on a regular basis. Today, trains run between cities. One of the streets of Bratislava passes through the Austrian town of Kittzej. There are other attractions in Slovakia.

All the cities in the country are very small. Even the capital city has a population of only 500,000. There are no major cities with a population of millions. Slovakia is considered one of the most populous countries in Europe, although it has a smaller population here than 140 cities. All regions are clean and tidy. We have gathered the most exciting things for Slovakia.

More about Slovakia

  1. Slovakia has no chance at sea. But the country has plenty of hot springs of salt water to walk around just about any city. A very large number are concentrated in the High Tatras.
  2. A national symbol, is a breed of Chuvash dogs. Such dogs help shepherds graze their flocks in the mountains.
  3. The official language is Slovak. Instead, local people speak Czech, German, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian.
  4. There is only one geyser with Artesian cold water in Europe. They explode every 32-36 hours.
  5. National cuisine is represented by sweet, but very fatty foods. Meat pies, herbs with cheese, thick soups, cooked are served here. They drink a lot of tincture on juniper (boletus) and plum (plum).
  6. One of the Slovakians was King of Madagascar. His name was Moritz Benevsky, and he had the name of Count.
  7. In Slovakia, there is a world-famous bar. As a decoration for the walls he used 4,000 lights.

The most beautiful view in Slovakia

  1. Great location in Bratislava. It is also known as Market Square and is an important part of public life in this city. Here you can see Baroque, Gothic and Classic houses. Even the color styles, they all look very healthy. One of the oldest buildings in Bratislava, Old Town Hall, is also here. It is best to go to Market Square for Easter or Christmas.
  2. Skok River. This water can be seen near Lake Štrbske Pleso. To get to the wonders of nature it is important to walk in familiar routes. This method is one of the simplest and easiest.
  3. Dobshinskaya ice rink. This is the largest ice cave in Europe. The viewing route can be up to half a mile long. Duration – 30 minutes. Even in the hottest heat, the temperature does not rise above zero.

Slovakia: foreign laws and customs

In the 16th century, Countess Báthory lived in Slovakia. This woman was very mean. He brutally murdered more than six hundred young women, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records. He lives in Castleachta Castle, and locals say that this is where his spirit can still be found.

What they are not allowed to do in Slovakia

  • Walking dogs without a leash. If your pet escapes within 200 meters, everyone in the area can shoot him with impunity.
  • Wear USSR symbols. The Communist Party in the country is banned, so wearing any communist emblems carries a fine of 60 euros.
  • Ride covered tires. Once a police officer finds out, a fine cannot be avoided.
  • Trust the traffic time. Buses here run without any route, so when planning a route, it is best to offer alternative routes at once.
  • Be loving. It is especially appealing to lovers who like to give their mother flowers from a nearby bed. For cut flowers you have to pay from 49 euros.

In Slovakia, the Christmas holidays begin on December 5. First, the children come to Krámpusy. These are mysterious creatures that look like demons. The Christmas season begins with demon celebrations. As the sun sets in the west, hundreds of men in elaborate costumes line the streets. They carry torches, whips, and chains in their hands and threaten to kill the disobedient children. On the sixth day only St. Nicholas comes to the children.

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