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Australia is a very interesting country.

First, it applies to the entire contract. Second, the continent is “very small, very accessible”: very small, very hardy (existing habitats – endangered animals, for example, kangaroos, living only in Australia), not very stable. be reckoned forever.

Australia is located on the continent of the same name, located in the far northeast of Antarctica. It is also found at the crossroads of two seas: the Indian and the Pacific. This is an area that has affected his culture. We tell you about the fun of Australia.

7 information about Australia

  1. In Australia, there is a wall that can compete with the Great Wall of China. The length of the Dingo fence is 5400 km, while the Great Wall of China has a height of 6259 km. Such fences are constructed so that wild dogs do not hunt cattle, and rabbits do not damage the crop.
  2. Australia ranks first in the world in mining. The reason for this is Australia which supplies the most uranium and zirconium, and 95% of all opals in the global market are imported from Australia. There is also a lot of gold. Kalgoorlie is one of the world’s largest goldfields.
  3. Australia has won the most successful matches in world history. American Samoa lost to the Australians by 31: 0.
  4. There are so many beaches in Australia that even thirty years will not be enough to see them all.
  5. Knowing Australia, the whites brought rabbits there. With no enemies, they broke and now in Australia there are more rabbits than Chinese people.
  6. In Australia, there is a strange animal – wombat. This is the only animal that the caterpillar looks like a cube.
  7. Australian instruments featuring kangaroo and ostrich emu. They can’t move behind them. In the selection of this type of equipment, you can take the country approach – forward, only forward.

Most of Australia’s three most exciting attractions

  1. According to a study, Australians spend a lot of money on gambling. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in restaurants and conserving energy, which, by the way, is the cheapest in the world.
  2. Australian Aborigines speak 300 languages.
  3. In Australia the population is so small that it could not be calculated per person per kilometer, but one kilometer per person.

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