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Rwanda is a small country in Africa located in the middle of the mainland.

The capital of Rwanda is Kigali. It is the only major city established by the colonial government. The country has a population of about 12 million. The largest number is called “Rwanda”. From this word comes the name of the state. There are some interesting things about Rwanda.

Most of the people are involved in agriculture. The climate is ideal here, with frequent rains, and it allows you to plant two or three crops a year. Salt is not mineral here, and the industry is not thriving. The longest life expectancy is 50 years. Rwanda is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the world. Most of the local people live below the poverty line. If we consider the amount of money per person, the government occupies 168th place in the world with this mark. We have found interesting and interesting information about Rwanda.

7 Rwandan principles

  1. IneIn this country, there is a law banning the use of polyethylene bags. It came into operation in 2008. Locals and visitors only use paper bags.
  2. Women in this country are fighting for their rights. As a result, there are more women than men in the Rwandan parliament.
  3. There are no railways. This applies not only to trains, but also to subways and to traffic. Tourists and locals travel by car or motorcycle. The only flight is near the capital.
  4. The most popular food is dried fish. It is fried with onions, potatoes, chicken, and chili. Lamb or beef is rarely used in hot meals.
  5. Unnecessary temptation to eat public food in this country. Most people eat at home. As a result, there are fewer restaurants.
  6. In Rwanda, every mother has about 5 children. The birth rate is not very high here. The world has a very high rate of child mortality.
  7. Local craftsmen often provide visitors with decorative ornaments made of papyrus grass. These are a variety of boxes, smoking boxes, baskets, and good clothes.

3 Most Popular Rwandan

  1. Lake Kivu, on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, is the only aquatic area in Africa where no crocodiles live. The main reason for this phenomenon is the high concentration of various gases, especially methane. The maximum length of the pool is 480 meters. In the middle of the lake, there is an island with 285 km2.
  2. Muhavura Mountain is located on the border between Uganda and Rwanda. The length of the stratovolcano reaches 4 km. On its slopes, tropical rain forests are home to an abundance of wildlife, a delight for travelers.
  3. Volcano National Park is famous for having seven families of apes. Each monkey has a name, not a picture, but a picture of a monkey. When a baby is born into one of the monkey families, the ceremony is celebrated with great rejoicing. There is a special naming ceremony – Kvita Izina.

Rwanda: foreign laws and customs

The Tutsi people living in Rwanda are known to be the highest in the world. Most males can reach a height of 190 cm, and females – 175 cm. In 1994, a coup government took place in Rwanda. As a result, all humans were called enemies. During this time, hundreds of thousands of people were killed. The UN General Assembly has declared April 7 as World Tutsi International Day.

Prohibited in Rwanda

  • Abortion – you can up to 15 years in prison for abortion;
  • Slaughter of cattle – considered to be sacred animals;
  • Leaving things careless – they are taken immediately;
  • Dirty dressing – causes violence and abuse among the community;
  • Going to the market on your own is a good way to gather a small group of local people;
  • Beware of vaccines – the risk of getting malaria and other infectious diseases is very high;
  • Report racism – after the civil war, there were exceptions to this rule.

Rwanda has three official languages ​​- French, English, and Kinyarwanda. Primary education is not only free but also compulsory. For the first three years, the child is taught the local language (Kinyarwanda). After that, at the request of the student or his parents, you can choose to learn English or French. But really, the last two languages ​​that local people don’t speak.

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