Anticipate extra site visitors on the street, at airports

Vacation time is often the busiest time of the year.

But, this year, the COVID-19 epidemic combined with travel restrictions – domestic and international – has its challenges. So, what will the 2020 holiday travel season look like?

Here are some predictions from top travel experts:

Increased travel

Traveler Amanda Norcross expects it to look good by this time, though few are on the move. “Many will be going to see relatives and friends for the first time since the patients split up, and will be able to get cheaper flights as the flights cost less,” said Norcross.

The new Hopper’s Holiday Travel Confidence Report also shows that increased travel is possible. According to a survey, 39% say they plan to go on vacation this year. However, 21% said they were not planning to travel, even in one year, he said. About 50% are planning to fly on Thanksgiving and 75% will say so on December vacation.

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Lots of cars

When it comes to traffic, the American Automobile Association (AAA) is the main source of data search. The council publishes forecasts for Thanksgiving and end-of-year travel in November and December, respectively. A spokesman at AAA says that based on the definition of COVID, it is difficult to make any estimates right now on a holiday trip this year.

AAA says the summer entry season can be a very good guide here. This summer, Americans are expected to take more than 700 million trips from July to September, a decrease of 15% compared to last year.

RV & camping, a luxury car rental site, is looking forward to upgrading the reservation in November and December, as more travelers may choose to hit the streets. As the weather gets cooler in some parts of the country, RVs and camping camps will probably continue.

“More than half of travelers (according to a recent survey) would consider renting an RV to visit their families and stay on the family trail or in the vicinity of the competition,” said RVShare spokeswoman Maddi Bourgerie.

The exact roads are not well known

When it comes to travel, no one knows. In the meantime, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s seil registration continues until November 1, and no one can say if the CDC will continue on the same day.

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Paying back money

InsureMyTrip data shows that even if the entire trip is down to vacation, travel insurance is still required. According to a recent customer survey, about 90% of customers are interested in spreading the word if they want to ban travel due to covid-19 fears.

“We urge travelers to consider traveling insurance for any reason. In this way, pointers can get back on track and return the money – not a voucher – as long as they meet the requirements, “says InsureMyTrip Director of eCommerce Cheryl Golden.

Travelers can find plans at or

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Travel routes vary

When it comes to travel costs for this holiday, experts predict that there will be lower prices compared to previous years.

“Thanksgiving hotel prices in the US drop to $ 117 a night and $ 150 almost every night for Christmas,” says Liana Corwin, a travel specialist at a travel agency, Hopper.

Moving dates travel

Hotels and vacation rental companies do not expect the slightest pressure on weekends.

“With the opportunity to work and school far away, families can enjoy long trips on vacation and can choose to travel on less expensive days and times to avoid air-filled roads,” said James Henderson, CEO of Exclusive Resorts.

Henderson also anticipates the great need for living space through vacation facilities with COVID-era facilities such as volunteer work, parking space, outdoor space, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Health and safety measures

Experts predict strong communication from travel providers and resorts in relation to any health systems that help prevent COVID., for example, has just released a new item on their product list called “Health & Safety Measurements.” CMO Arjan Dijk said the article shows how goods are taken in areas such as hygiene, height and food security, “so we encourage travelers to read these safety measures to help them choose a place that gives them peace of mind.

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Simple place

US hotel companies are planning for almost everything that would happen on this holiday. There are a lot of great features called “flexibility areas”, areas that can change from a room to a work area, and the opportunity to stay longer.

“Here in Miami we expect families traveling several times to extend their vacations from weekends to weeks, even months, to hotels that can provide flexible accommodation from the living room / bedroom to work at home or a remote study,” said Rick Ueno. , general manager of W South Beach.

The first birds win

While early bird advice may seem trivial, Mark Jackson, Brad’s Deals travel editor, says once you know your vacation dates – book your flights. Although the planes are not very low, they can go up as we approach the weather.

“With fewer flights this year due to job cuts, there will be fewer offers during the holidays. And, with fewer flights, you will not have the opportunity to choose the time to fly. It’s important to make sure you like the time you have for booking as soon as possible, ”said Jackson.

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