ANA group to chop 3,500 jobs from 45,000 workforce by FY 2022

ANA Holdings Inc. is planning to cut some 3,500 jobs from about 46,000 employees by the 2022 business year, in a bid to move away from a coronavirus that is expected to continue, company sources said Sunday.

The parent of Japan’s largest airline All Nippon Airways Co. wants to cut its head off by reducing new 2021 borrowings from April to 600 from 3,200 originally planned, early retirees without dismissing retirees, sources said.

All Nippon Airways Co. flight (Kyodo)

He began offering early retirement benefits and higher pay from October 14 and is also considering lower pay for relocating workers to other companies, he said.

It expects to cut about 75 billion yen ($ 716 million) of fixed income by 2021 by doing things like temporary vacations for all employees, cutting higher salaries and eliminating winter bonuses.

For the business year to March, ANA Holdings expects to save an annual turnover of 530 billion, compared to a profit of 27.6 billion yen last year, according to the company.

He is expected to announce the 2020 fiscal changes and their results in the following April-September next Tuesday, as well as a restructuring plan that could damage 30, or half of its major aircraft.

It will also show plans to raise 400 billion yen in handicrafts, part of which will be financially viable, as well as a strong partnership with budget sponsor Peach Aviation Ltd., sources said.

Peach Aviation resumed international flights Sunday seven months after March 20, operating a flight to Taipei from Kansai International Airport near Osaka and from Taipei to Tokyo’s Haneda airport.

The company, based in Osaka Prefecture, plans to resume flights between Taipei and Narita airport near Tokyo on Monday, following a resumption of operations on all 22 flights in June.

ANA Holdings, one of Japan’s two largest companies along with Japan Airlines Co, had a combined membership of 45,849 at the end of March, in addition to its mobile and business businesses.

It followed a step-by-step approach to the back of the Haneda airport to accommodate the large number of immigrants at the end of the Tokyo Olympics, which was scheduled for the summer season but was postponed for a year.

It spent a total of 108.82 billion yen at the end of April-June. JAL also spent 93.71 billion yen at the same time and did not release the current annual trade show.

Combined combination:

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