An Interview with YouTuber and Travel Blogger Harish Bali

He smiles a little as if he is very oppressive, and describes in his own words the shape of the hen chickens that he wants to dig. Excitement floods over his face and as the crow slowly begins to grow, the joy of seeing Harish Bali shake his face in conviction and bring out a happy, lively life. What I am saying is that from the moment I was in love with her only once three years ago until almost 950K subscribers today, a man who was cut and eaten half a handgun walking through India, did not realize how he had become.

Based on the covered section, Bali did not do anything that others did not. But you may have seen him in your research on climate diseases around the world – following a group of Rajasthani farmers to the fields to see where they ate where they were born; throwing snow on Manali, and crying with joy as a child; describing the prices of hotel rooms in simple terms in Gangtok, violating the difficult journey to Kumaon as he was born.

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Apart from that non-Bali, who unveiled its Visa2Explore route unknowingly in 2016/17 on a family trip to Mussoorie, has a chance to sell well. “I started doing technical training on my first career. But there is a difference between what you like and what you like. At this point, I realized that things were moving slowly and it was then that my wife and I went to Mussoorie, where we, without thinking of anything to put in the way, recorded our first video on a mobile phone. This became Visa2Explore, ”he recalls.

Bali is not a luxury. They do not walk around the main streets of New York or Vienna. They do not recognize Hindu temples in Islamic lands or go for walks around the young goats in remote Himalayas. They don’t just laugh at unnecessary jokes to deal with viewers or fill in small conversations to make it look like the hot ones are still every day. His videos last from 15 to 30 minutes and have a lot of direction on the site, an in-depth analysis of the restaurants and places to do — all are copied by this style. It is a diet rich in back fat for a slow walk.

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Those who followed Bali saw him thrive from the inconsistent movies and audio videos from start to finish with the most memorable performances of Rick Steves, desi and au naturel. “At first, I got used to one or two, or more than five times a day. We were thrilled to see 70 ideas on a good day. That’s when we realized that there was an audience for what we were doing,” Today, after publishing 22 episodes, Bali retained its child-like and travel interest first.

He remembers walking during the day inside Delhi as well as shorter routes to nearby countries earlier with a friend, who was trained in painting and painting. “I realized I couldn’t use the camera, show and edit the video. One can’t be talking in front of the camera and worry right away if the camera is on or if things like lighting and opening are fine,” he explains.

What attracts viewers is their chance to find a person looking at him through the window. Another reason for that, is how easy it is for Bali to make contact with people on his show, to remove blogs for thousands of years. His interest comes from his sales, he agrees, and then he says he likes to actually connect with the movie. “It’s a generation where everyone has a thousand friends on social networking sites, but I hope to connect more naturally. Meet someone, spend a few days and get to know them better in this way,” she says, adding, “I find friends easily. some people may not be comfortable communicating with anyone, but I am always welcome to share my thoughts with them. ”

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Bali is known for patiently describing the various stages of his journey from food inspection, bad weather and sighing with wonder at positive thoughts, and saying, ‘What time is this’ or showing exactly the fragrance that ‘changes the game’ of the Secret. “Although I didn’t know how much I loved food until I started to travel a lot because the size of our journey grew from the 200km radius we know. Although the beginning of the lachcha parantha will make us all happy, we are now a favorite eater of Goa, Meghalaya and Assam, “he says with equal power.

In his videos, Bali’s acceptance and a slight disdain for not being able to paraglide due to his weight, his inconsistencies as a northern Indian man learns to pronounce Umngot or just marvel at the unspeakable joy of drinking coconut water on a beach in Kerala on a blogger tour. Next on his list is Himachal. But many people often ask him if he can reach international tours, and Bali tells us that he would like to go and make beautiful scenes and delicious food in Nepal and Bhutan first.

Slowly but surely, the man draws closer. He recently went to Mukteshwar in Kumaon, reviewed all security regulations, and released the video a few days ago. “I had members of my team show them off to the point of annoying them, but it’s important. We need to be very careful and aware of the dangers that surround us, to wear them all the time because we can walk or give or take the virus. We as a team are also strengthening our security, ”he said as he lifted his salad plate to the camera.

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