American Airways reduces flight to London.

American Airlines Group Inc. has announced that it will reduce its flights from major US airports to London next month due to a severe shortage and thus hopes the holiday season will also help us get better on travel.

The flight has temporarily reduced flights to London from New York, Chicago, North Carolina in December however, passengers could have flown to London via their British Airways counterpart from Orlando and New York.

“We are constantly testing our networks to match what we want and what we have been changing since March,” a spokesman said in a statement sent to Sunday. “In an effort to match the decline in coronavirus infection, we continue to use less time.”

American Airlines flight services in London are set to resume from John F. Kennedy International Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport and the charge will be three times a week from Charlotte from January 06.

In addition, President Donald J Trump reiterated his intention to end the Pfizer Inc. vaccine. Covid-19 and will soon be granted an emergency operating license that will enable travel stocks in the stock market.

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