Alaska Airline’s new cargo-in-cabin 737-900

(CNN) – The global epidemic has created new airlines called “preight”, in which airplanes have also created accommodations for passengers to carry packages instead of passengers, in addition to all their cargo.

As the holiday season draws to a close, Alaska Air Cargo has joined forces, launching Alaska Airlines 737-900 passenger aircraft with seats that are now carriers. Alaskan cargo flights departed at the end of November.

Alaska Air Cargo has registered HAECO Cabin Solutions, a subsidiary of HAECO, an international company that provides aircraft maintenance and repair services, to re-engineer single Alaskan airlines. HAECO Cabin Solutions designs have also been used by Cathay Pacific.

Alaska Air Cargo Freight Assistant ensures that the package is properly secured in the 737-900 passenger compartment.

Courtesy Alaska Air Cargo

According to a press release, “Our teams have been working since spring to identify the best and most effective ways to increase our inventory,” said Torque Zubeck, managing director of Alaska Air Cargo. “HAECO’s design allows us to expand existing facilities, increase our resources and protect our assets by connecting essential goods to the areas where we serve in these critical situations.”

Each refurbished 737-900 aircraft can carry up to 30,000 pounds, plus air bag storage, to fill “large passenger seats with an additional 13,500 pounds on top of what only aircraft carriers can carry.”

The pilots combine two pilots with Two Carriers which, as described in the newspaper, “oversee the landing, ensure proper registration, reliability of goods, fire suppression if necessary, and ensure cargo safety within the seating system.”

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