Alan A. Allen broadcasts the publication of ‘Clues Can Mild the Approach’

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In “A Sign Can Light the Way” (published by Archway Publishing), author Alan A. Allen describes how unfamiliar events and intimate communication with others sparked his understanding and joy in life. He reveals how these experiences are often helpful in dealing with life’s challenges and helping people to understand how everyone communicates.

For years, mysterious events continued to test Allen’s courage with scientific principles. The strangeness and the consequences were so wonderful that they were simply called by chance, or guided by an all-knowing source beyond this world. He soon realized that accidents, fatalities, and life-altering contacts are commonplace. The miraculous contact with his father confirmed the need for such signs. His father shared with him what was about to die and revealed much about life after death and why man lives on earth. The exchange between father and son closed as his father made his final move to the other side a few weeks later. Most importantly, the author realized the essential importance of love and how mysterious things can help us to understand the meaning of life.

Allen explains: “It’s not a religious book, nor does it provide evidence that it can be found in its own right and purpose.” “It’s a simple reading, a reminder of a scientist who didn’t have to give up self-confidence and comfort with quantity, scientific methods and equations to find and appreciate the answers to some of the greatest writings: the purpose of life, and beyond.”

With today’s political and social upheavals and the scourge of plague, “Paths Can Enlighten the Path” hopes to address the need for universal reconciliation, which is felt and resolved through a global spiritual awakening. Go to to purchase the book.

“Enlightenment That Leads to Activity”

Author Alan A. Allen

Strong | 5.5 x 8.5in | Pages 146 | ISBN 9781480895140

Soft | 5.5 x 8.5in | Pages 146 | ISBN 9781480895157

E-Book | Pages 146 | ISBN 9781480895164

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About the Author

Alan A. Allen, born in New Jersey in 1938, graduated from Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania with a degree in physics, spent five years in the US Navy, and continued his studies at several universities in physics, petroleum engineering, and maritime. Allen retired in 2020 as a world-renowned supervisor and researcher in water issues in nearly 50 countries. He authored hundreds of technical and environmental papers, as well as numerous articles he called “the smallest part” of his voyages – associations. and, with what we have learned from, the people who traveled with it.

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