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SINGAPORE – I just invested $ 12,000 in the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

Of course, the plague did not end. But I refuse to assume that the world’s borders will remain tightly closed for another twelve months, when recreational travel is non-existent.

The vaccine is in the corner as the walking foam continues to spread. The flight to Singapore-Hong Kong was changed two days ago, but was not disrupted.

Currently, landline flights are available at a lower cost, combined with good ideas and ideas.

As a result, I dived in and bought four tickets for the next trip.

This is why I have come to realize that these problems are helping me.

Very low prices half a tenth

The online search that took place earlier this month shows the early flight of next year to cheaper prices, compared to the most popular days of last year. (Global travel companies have begun to decline since mid-January this year. Thus, January 2019 is the best time to compare prices).

Skyscanner’s global search results, at the time of writing, show that it has been saved up to 51% on other runways in January and February next year, compared to the same period last year and 2018.

“Three people can fly at the cost of two people now,” said SH Lim, a ticket salesman with a 20-year-old lead.

Higher prices, especially in Europe, have dropped between 15% and 25%. Flights to Japan and South Korea are also good.

Higher prices, especially in Europe, have dropped between 15% and 25%. PHOTO: JOHN TAN

Business rooms have always been cheaper. For example, Turkish Airlines offers business from Singapore to London – flights via Istanbul – for only $ 2,595 (see Table on Singapore Travel). The plague, this price did not reach the people beyond Asia in business.

The National Carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA) offers round-trip flights to Tokyo for $ 3,000 – the exact opposite of the $ 5,500 I often take for these celebrities.

Pro Tips:

• Fly class business capital.

• Review the status of the aircraft. Avoid planes that recycle money or in the event of a collapse.

Passengers board, and on their way to their destination, the prices of their tickets are about half the SIA fare. But keep in mind that border crossings may be different from roundabouts.

Get a free quote and you pay less

My main carrier is SIA, because of its reliability and because our home is Singapore.

For many years, one of my favorite trips was to find a plane for me.

Now, in combination with lower prices, this trick has gone awry: over-flying but low-paying.

A return ticket to the SIA business for early October next year from Singapore to Tokyo costs $ 2,938 (see table on Running and Paying Less). But if I reserve the front and back of the trip to other Asean destinations such as Bangkok, the prices drop to $ 2,173.

A $ 765 reservation can buy five accommodations in Grand Hyatt Bangkok, many hours of fun at my favorite Thai restaurant and offering Jay Fai’s Michelin crab.

For the past five years, I have used Bangkok-Singapore-Japan to cheat a number of times and I can’t remember such cheap prices.

Another tip: Add Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore and move on to Paris in the SIA and there are savings of $ 1,479 on trade and $ 88 on economy prices, compared to a trip from Singapore.

Depending on the cost of roads and roads, the costs could run into thousands of dollars for families or large groups.

Asean destinations are few, which are shipped by cheap land trips.

For those who have a break or have a flexible schedule, this is a free vacation. Representation in Singapore is permitted, subject to the rules of procedure.

Depending on the cost of roads and roads, the costs could run into thousands of dollars for families or large groups. PHOTO: JOHN TAN

No, not even SIA pilots or their algorithms have violated their licenses.

As a foreign carrier in these areas, the SIA must compete with the international carrier there. In addition, the SIA is importing flights from their home in Singapore.

Pro Tips:

• Select airlines from countries with the best schedule.

• “Start and end” cities are allowed. For example, I could start my SIA journey from Bangkok to Europe (via Singapore) and end my journey back to Phuket, as long as it relates to the SIA group in the same country.

• Open jaw companies are allowed, as long as the division comes from the same area. For example, a SIA flight could fly from Kuala Lumpur (via Singapore) to Paris – but the return route is from Munich instead. The journey is varied and avoids drifting.

Flexibility is important, but be aware of the rules

“No one can buy a ticket today if there is no change,” said Wong SH, who has been in the travel business for 40 years. Trial and execute of unprecedented tickets.

In an effort to entice travelers to purchase tickets by December 31 this year, airports are disrupting free daily routines, routes, refunds and future travel loans.

Each carrier has its own components.

Most airlines sell their prices in three categories, ranging from the lowest, most restrictive – economically and commercial – non-refundable. Two other types of high prices allow for a refund.

Regardless of the type of pricing, all tickets are valid for one year.

Among the most generous is Qatar Airways, which offers two-year ticket approval; unlimited changes until December 31 next year; exchange voucher and bonus; Complete restoration of aircraft and aircraft removal; and exchange air tickets.

I bought the cheapest SIA ticket that has not been returned to Japan to fly in February next.


For me, Japan is a food destination every year and I struggle with the possibility of the country closing for another year. If things are still the same in February, I can always go back on days.

Pro Tips:

• Make sure you print properly.

• Buy non-refundable tickets to your favorite place or destination. But don’t worry if non-refundable tickets allow you to repeat a new course or date, depending on the cost.

• For trips you do not know much about, choose return tickets. This costs hundreds of dollars, and you pay for the operation, but you pay it back right away. I would prefer non-refundable tickets.

Frequent change is cheaper: ask for an open ticket

For tickets sold on December 31 this year, the SIA offers the opportunity to read once a tour next year. Subsequent payment costs between $ 25 and $ 340, depending on the type of payment and the home class.

However, competitors – such as Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines – offer unlimited changes until the end of December next year.

Due to fierce competition, industry observers say the SIA should be redesigned in the future.

After being linked, the SIA referred to it as “commercial interest” and declined to elaborate on its future plans.

Pro Tips:

• Frequent change requires a lot of money. My ticket was set by my travel date to reduce the chances of a long trip. If the first day has elapsed and uncertainty is ahead, I request that I change the ticket to an open date. This is free.

• Once my tour dates are up, I will close the new dates and resume a ticket. This should change only once in a while, depending on any price differences.

Promote your ticket use for over a year

While tickets are valid for one year, there is a scam to increase its revenue.

Within a year, a ticket may be issued for a new way or for other types of prices. Reissued tickets receive a new life of 12 months. You can start over and over again, but there are counting fees every time.

However, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong does not anticipate that international travel will return to normal next year.

“Maybe in two years, it could get worse,” he said at a ceremony hosted by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) last Thursday.

However, my ticket ticket rests on my belief that the holiday trips are back.

Costs increase as travel restrictions decrease or travel confidence begins.

The latest news about vaccines is like a gun to me – I ended up buying tickets to the United States and Europe during the summer / autumn next year, in addition to my original trip to Japan.

I hope the SIA will appreciate my ticket purchase more than the dining ticket in its travels.

• Prior to the epidemic, former journalist John Tan had flown about 70 pilots a year for the past 10 years. His most expensive ticket was for Star Star’s international business venture, which cost more than $ 16,000. But the most memorable was the Ryanair flight from Bucharest to Rome.

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