Airbnb Reveals Falling Income, With Travel Hit by Pandemic

Other technical contributions have been delayed. Ant Financial, a Chinese financial services company, is expected to deliver the largest sales ever made this month, seeing it to be $ 310 billion, and expected to raise $ 34 billion. But Chinese regulators suspended the request saying the company did not meet the list requirements.

Airbnb’s public launch has been anticipated for years. The San Francisco company is one of the first to emerge from the generation of “financial sharing” companies born after the 2008 fiscal year. Increasing income allows them to be more private and prevents them from making a profit.

If Airbnb had become known in the coming months, the company would have paid its debts before the deadline for paying its employees. Start-ups such as Airbnb pay employees, especially those who join in the early years, with potentially profitable stocks and a few shares that sell stock. But if the company waits too long to sell or go public, the loans may be lost and become worthless. If Airbnb goes public within a year, its employees will avoid losing a lot of money that should start at the end of next year.

The IPO could also benefit Airbnb’s oldest affiliates, some of whom made money 12 years ago, and turned their founders into billionaires.

Airbnb has raised more than $ 3 billion in revenue. The main partners are Silver Lake and Sixth Street, who set the company up as a scourge. Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund and Accel also pose significant risks.

Airbnb’s founders – Brian Chesky, senior, and Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia – each own about 15% of their Class B shares. 20 votes per category as well as unparalleled adjustments to the company.

The three men set up Airbnb in 2008 after renting another room in their home to make more money. That idea became a company, which has grown to seven million lists in almost every country.

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