Airbnb Is Driving Hosts Elsewhere With Expensive Pandemic Insurance policies

Another publisher, Anthony Farmer, filed a lawsuit against Airbnb in the U.S. District Court in Northern District, California, in November. Sutayi, who is trying to disregard Airbnb’s lawsuits, accuses the company of violating its contract and fraudulent activities and violating consumer protection laws.

Christopher Nulty, a spokesman for Airbnb, said the company’s policies prioritize public health and safety, which would ultimately help its occupants “maintain the integrity of visitors and seek Airbnb’s lists.” He says Mr. Farmer was useless.

In May, Airbnb announced it was returning “to our roots” by looking at “people every day who live in their homes.”

This role has business benefits. Rental workers with multiple lists may be seen to have demolished houses and turned them into tourist areas, prompting politicians and neighboring organizations to enact legislation. A family renting a bedroom often seems dangerous.

In a financial survey in November, Airbnb said that 90% of its occupants were “ordinary visitors,” who were described as having written their lists on the site instead of using special software to register. But according to Transparent, the long-term rental program, only 37% of Airbnb lists are managed by people who have had a single location since September. About half of the lists are managed by those who own two or 20 items, and 14% by those who own 21 or more.

That is why when Airbnb emphasizes its occupants, it also upsets its users.

“Their business is made up of professionals, in a way, but they don’t say much,” said Vail, who works at Columbus. They do not want the message to be the subject of a story. ”

Nulty Airbnb’s work on the “supervisors” did not come about because of the working professionals. He said staff members were represented at the Host Advisory Board, a group the company formed in October to allow guests to meet with Airbnb management.

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