Air Canada’s Jetz business-class planes at the moment are for the general public

(CNN) – A global epidemic is not the same as the natural time to travel like celebrities.

But thanks to Air Canada, vacationers will have the opportunity to experience the same way that runners, musicians and 1% do, if they fly to the sun.

From December 12 to January 6, the airline will operate its Jetz aircraft – designed for commercial events – on Canadian routes and popular destinations, from Palm Springs and Florida to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Even better, ticket prices start up the same as regular business prices.

The four Airbus A319 aircraft are often registered by sports enthusiasts, teams and corporate customers – and have been heavily affected by the epidemic.

It is equipped with only 58 seats – less than half of Air Canada’s regular aircraft carriers. The seating area is between 42-49 inches, compared with 31 inches for frequent economic changes, and 37 for a regular business seat.

All extras

Air Canada is making its Jetz aircraft available with commercial aircraft

Air Canada

Customers who book Jetz flights not only get extra space, however. They will also receive fresh food, loads of iPads and unpleasant entertainment, and of course, with a few exceptions, the ups and downs are also shorter.

And for those who walk in a group, there is a meeting schedule where the four chairs face each other around the table. The seats are filled in at the gate.

Flights depart from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, to Barbados, Cancun, Fort Myers and Palm Springs. There are also two home routes – Toronto to Kelowna and Vancouver. All routes and schedule are listed on Jetz’s special page on Air Canada.

Most are as affordable as standard business prices, depending on availability. In five CNN-funded routes, prices started from $ 34 down to another $ 40.

Aren’t you going on vacation? The aircraft is preparing for the second “season” of Jetz in March 2021.

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