Agent makes use of lockdown to jot down e book on massive household travel – Travel Weekly

Although Melbourne’s 111-day closure was a nightmare for local helpers, another wise traveler had the opportunity to write a book about major family holidays.

Rebecca Mason, a six-year-old woman with Mr. Chocolate’s Travel, decided to spend 20 years plus a few years after booking a holiday for his family of eight families and other senior Aussie families during a break.

The result is a Dream Vacation: An Expertbook on Family Travel, a must-read book for large families looking for advice on how, when and where to visit, and others to laugh at as Mason shares all the lost and fun travels of six children.

Some of the tips and tricks in this booklet include a list of things to do, good food budgeting, choosing the right vacation spot, when and how to work, how to travel to and from air travel and escape, and museums, parks and parking lots. meat essential lines.

“As Lonely Planet transformed into a travel bag, Holiday Dreaming is a must-have for Aussie families looking to fulfill their dream vacation,” said Mason, one of Disney’s best-selling retailers in Australia.

Having taken my six children several times in the last 20 years, I have learned a lot of ‘inappropriate’ and ‘inappropriate’ and I want to share all my hacks and practices with other great Aussie families so we can see the magical family vacations and make the same ‘eternal memories’ we have .

“Holidays should not be a common occurrence – they are part of the fabric that binds families together and helps them connect.

“As a six-year-old mother, I know that doing everything with a large family is not easy, but that doesn’t mean we should miss it – especially on family vacations.

“Holidays are always my favorite time to have kids, which is why I work so hard and do a lot of research to find a quick solution and save any money to make sure we can go anywhere we want, including family vacations – Disneyland, five times and counting.”

To order a Dream Vacation book, go HERE.

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