‘Adoption is beautiful’: Texas man shares how personal journey inspired his book ‘When God Blessed Us With You’

“I have convincing evidence that the person who raised him is 2 years old and is now 36 years old. This success is also a factor,” said Jonathan Johnson.

Everyone has a story, and sometimes these stories light a fire under us to change.

For a man in North Texas, his story led him to write a special book on parenting.

Jonathan Johnson is a man of great prayer. “We pray to the Lord that this communication will reach those who need it most.”

Don’t tell Johnson he’s a lucky man.

“I’m really blessed. Yes. Yes,” he said.

Johnson was adopted at the age of two.

“I am convinced that the person who raised him is 2 years old and now 36 years old. This success is still on the other side,” he said.

The story he received is the inspiration for his new book.

“The purpose of the book is to show that its implementation is good,” he said.

His book, “When God Blessed Us With You,” was released last November.

Johnson’s son Trey proudly read some of his parts aloud at WFAA.

“This book is for those who have found their family forever and for those who are still waiting. God hears,” read Trey.

The story is about a boy named Sampson whose parents found a clever way to tell him he had a baby.

“The basis of this book is to let them know that whether you are expecting a child or a child, there is always someone who loves you,” Johnson said.

Johnson grew up with love and a lot of support. The love he received from his adoptive parents led him to a difficult time.

“When I was 15, I had a kidney accident at school,” he said.

Trying to find a kidney transplant, he found his birth mother.

It wasn’t a match, but he became an addition to his family.

“Every time I meet her, I meet her husband, but then it turns out, I’m the first of four children. And now, my family has grown this way,” she said.

Johnson is in good health, a wife and two newborn children who respect him.

“She helps me, hugs me and prays for us. She makes us so happy and makes our dog happy,” said their youngest son Landon.

Johnson Britteanee’s wife takes pride in them by highlighting the adoption of children and how thrilled people are when they want to make some changes in a child’s life.

“Realize that while they may be older if you take them, their future does not depend on what they did in the past, it depends on how the parents affect them and the adoptive parents. That’s what I enjoy comparing.”

Johnson just wants to pay for his blessings in the future.

“I see a lot of kids wondering why no one can take me? Is there anyone who loves me? In other words, most kids I’ve seen feel something is wrong and this book proves there’s nothing wrong with you.”

To order a copy of When God Blesses You, please visit: johnsonbooks.org.

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