A Guide To Conquering An Abandoned Mineshaft

Discarded mineshafts can be incredibly rewarding for Minecraft – here’s what you need to know before joining.

At the beginning of your survival journey, one of the best things you can find in the world of Games and an abandoned mineshaft. It is not only easy to find by walking secretly and walking in caves, but also incredibly common. In some cases, it is possible to find several mineshafts integrated into a single system.

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Mineshafts are an amazingly good system because of their size and the amount of ores they have the opportunity to reveal. At the beginning of each surviving world, it is an ideal place to steal the game, experience, and fun. However, if you are playing in a difficult or new environment in this game, there are a few things you need to prepare for before jumping.

Find A Mineshaft

Minecraft mineshaft within the valley

The first trick is to find a mineshaft. This, in most cases, is not difficult to find. Where there are caves, there are several spaces, so find a cave that burrows into the ground and follow as much as you can. When you look at the web of wood and wood that does not change, you have found what you are looking for.

Minecraft bad areas

If you have enough space near or in the wrong place, the task will be ten times easier. Badlands produce small fruits on the ground, which means they can be seen from afar when walking. In many cases, cartons and wooden houses are symbols indicating that the mineshaft was abandoned. Badlands are also rich in gold.


Minecraft within the mineshaft

Even the mineshafts left behind by some of the easiest things to deal with, are becoming more and more common with criminals who can be lava, so you need to go ahead and plan ahead to avoid dying far from where you could lose and lose all your belongings.

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Minecraft player with shield and sword

You don’t need magical weapons or weapons to defeat the abandoned mineshaft. Instead, a stone or a metal sword does much better. Combine this with a shield, which will help you fight off a mob when you’re full. The bow is not particularly suitable for narrow, slightly lower mineshaft corridors.


Minecraft weapons on the player

You must have some tools before you can enter. Leather, chains, and metal are the most important materials. Leather goods are hard to find by shipwreck or slaughtering cattle and then making your own. However, all metal tools give you better and cheaper protection at first.

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Minecraft Chest With Steaks and Porkchop

To survive for many hours of coming and saving, make sure you are preparing plenty of food. At the moment in the game, there is no doubt that you will have other possibilities such as medicine or gold foods. If you do, feel free to attend. Just having 20 on a diet, such as steak or bacon, is the best option.

Other Requirements

Minecraft watches and puts around a player

Since the remaining mineshafts are underground, you will want to bring wooden poles to light your way. This will also ensure that terrorists stop breeding.

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Bring your regular tools, such as pickaxes of ores and wooden axes, so you can use natural wood to make more flashlight sticks. You can also bring a bucket of water if you come across a lava pool.

Fighting Spider Caves

Minecraft cave spider spawner

The hardest part in overcoming an abandoned mineshaft is not finding one or fighting other gangsters like zombie, skeletons, and creepers. The problem stems from the special spider cave that lives in these mines. There may be several cave bracelets scattered around, often enclosed in a series of trees.

Minecraft spider spider

You have two options when it comes to the same birth: either you destroy the donor and take the event, or you remove the surrounding area and put flashlights around to stop the donor. In this way you can use it later to gain experience, even spiders are difficult to cultivate due to their small size and climbing walls.

There are also several ways to make a spider work. Cave spiders, in particular, are the easiest to play the game because most of them live in close proximity. For a good tutorial on cave spider farming, check out Kmond’s tutorials on simplicity.

Minecraft records near the spider

The spider mites are smaller than the common spiders. They can reach one half of its length, which makes them insane in order to escape. They have a single heart attack and are poisoned for 7 seconds with difficulty. In Hard, they destroy one and a half hearts, and their toxic form lasts about 15 seconds.


Minecraft diamond gemstones within the mineshaft

Mineshafts are good for finding ores. Highways can reveal a few hours for easy operation, and they can also resume mineshafts of all work due to the already established railways. However, there are also a number of chests that are found inside the roundabout vehicles. Here is the best damage you can ever get:

  • Name marker: use a pen to put the name there and place it on each group you want to keep from moving and see the name as you float.
  • Beetroot / Melon / Pumpkin seeds: these are considered to be the rarest crop, compared to carrots, potatoes, and wheat.
  • Iron / Gold / Lapis lazuli: the support that every player needs and needs, can also be played as gems from the mineshaft balcony.

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A fun Minecraft book inside the mineshaft chest

  • Apple apple: an excellent source of food and how absorption helps.
  • Book of magic: an interesting book in any way, except for Soul Speed.
  • Iron pickaxe: find great if your pickaxe is about to be broken and you have lost a mine.
  • Decorative gold apples: a simple, very unusual type of golden apple, with its effect.

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