A digital guide truthful, a 3-week bike tour in Australia, and a blanket for any event


The book fair in Boston continues

An old Boston book fair has been going on for 43 years undisturbed – so far. This year, it has become the first Boston Virtual Book Fair, a three-day event with well-known speakers as well as a freelance market and booksellers around the world. The free event, which takes place on November 13-14, includes a preview paid on November 12, featuring missing and important books, manuscripts, other essays, political notes, atlases, photographs, and more ($ 50 tickets). Over the weekend, talk to superintendent Marylene Altieri, who oversees cooking donations at the Schlesinger Library on Harvard (including Julia Child’s chefs); Boston students Allison Lange and Theo Tyson, who discuss the Women Suffrage Movement; and Nicole Aljoe from the Africana Study Program at Northeastern University, who talks about a recent 19th edition. www., no.

Enjoy MFA and Monet

Check out more of Claude Monet’s oil paintings on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston which opens on November 15 and passes through Feb. 28. “Monet and Boston: Eternal Happiness” includes 35 Monet Museum paintings – the first time the works have been exhibited in a single generation – with credits from a secret society. The exhibition, which celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Museum, also includes MFA works that inspired Monet, from 19th-century Japanese paintings in Europe. The exhibition showcases Monet’s fascination with the beauty of natural objects and natural phenomena, as well as the temporary Impressionist art. You will see everything from “Grainstack (Sunset)” and “Grand Canal, Venice” to “La Japonaise.” Get free sign-ups using the new MFA program, and book entry tickets in advance (members and non-members). $ 30 per person, plus endorsement by the Monet show. www.mfa.org/visit.

Boston-based City Brew Tours has launched a Talent on Tap training program that provides up to $ 2,500 for local women to further their education in alcohol.


Scholarship on women’s taps

Calling women of any type who may wish to continue the work of the liquor industry. Boston-based City Brew Tours has launched a Talent on Tap training program that offers up to $ 2,500 for black women to further their education in alcohol science, combining alcohol science programs with Cicerone and other hospitality certificates. You can ask for a refund for the company that drinks alcohol at your preferred location. Submit your form by December 1 (you must be 18 years or older). The nominees will begin their liquor training in 2021. City Brew Tours will also assist prospective graduates by providing them with job opportunities and leadership opportunities in the brewing industry. Find work at: www.citybrewtours.com/talent-on-tap.

Ride and Seek has launched a new 26-day bike ride from Sydney to Hobart, Australia.
Ride and Seek has launched a new 26-day bike ride from Sydney to Hobart, Australia.

See Australia on two wheels

Ready to start thinking big about future trips? Ride and Seek has launched a new 26-day bike ride from Sydney to Hobart, Australia. The 1,315-kilometer journey follows Polish explorer Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki, who led a series of fires via Tasmania and southern and central Australia. The three-way trek will cover the highest mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko (7,310 feet) and climb Mount Hotham on the country’s heavily fenced road (6,037 feet). You will also cross the Snowy Mountains, the capital (Canberra), and the island of Tasmania by boat overnight. Each session includes a climb of between 26,700 and 31,000, but don’t worry: You have plenty of training time. Strzelecki Tour takes place on March 6-31. Prices start at $ 3,908 per share, or $ 11,110 per trip. www.rideandseek.com/tour/strzelecki-sydney-to-melbourne.


Free and easy translator

Gone are the days of typing words or sentences in a translation and waiting for results. Cheetah Mobile’s real-time translator called CheetahTALK Plus can translate two conversations into 73 languages ​​as soon as they are spoken. The device uses Microsoft’s well-known software to help you understand your sentences, as well as intellectual property to translate them into another language instantly. Just press a button on the palm tree and talk for 30 seconds, then listen to the translation. Check the 1.54-inch LCD touch screen to see your results when speaking and reading and reading translations. Best of all, the CheetahTALK Plus works when people are far away: It can take conversations from a distance of up to 9 feet and provide high-quality play thanks to two microphones. Use this app to change languages, record conversations, and change apps. The device must be paired with your phone in order to work. $ 199. Www.cmcm.shop.

Rumpl blanket carries up to the size of a one-liter water bottle.Rumpl blanket carries up to the size of a one-liter water bottle.

Blanket every time

Put a new Rumpl NanoLoft blanket in your pocket or car and get ready whenever you want a little warmth – when traveling, on the sidewalk, in a hotel chair, or even in a park while chatting with a friend. The NanoLoft blanket technology will play with your imagination: It mimics the low profile, creating fabric-type clusters that feel very low and that keep you warm from dying. The blanket has a water-repellent outer shell with a stain and a shopping bag that comes with a metal closure. The best part: It comes with a Cape Clip, so you can wrap a blanket around it and lower your popularity. The Rumpl blanket measures 38 inches by 52 inches, weighs only 11 hours, and carries up to one liter of water. I wash the machine. $ 99. Www.rumpl.com.


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