A Chilling Query Divides Europe: Open Ski Slopes or Hold Them Closed?

The 7 million German airline passengers are a vital part of the Austrian sports industry, with many heading to the border over the weekend. But Söder says anyone who crosses even one day will follow German immigration laws for those traveling to high-risk areas, including the whole of Austria.

To many, the ski season seems like a tough test. Winter tourism has generated € 14.9 billion in Austria last year, according to government figures, and officials expect one of Europe’s biggest challenges, released this month, to help increase the number of illnesses to ensure a healthy holiday season. Austria, which is currently one of the largest in Europe, should also launch a major contract testing program next week.

In France, where restrictions are being gradually lifted from this week, officials said ski resorts – but not skiers – will be allowed to reopen. “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.” Prime Minister Jean Castex told a news conference Thursday.

The idea of ​​shutting down carriers has sparked outrage and confusion among tourists and skiers, who claim that the Christmas holiday season is a quarter of the French industry’s $ 11 billion annual income.

Cyprien Durand, chief of ski instructors in the village of Megève, near the Swiss border, said experts have been working for months to change their restaurants. He also said the government’s view was “inconsistent and unstable.”

“Like everyone else, we have learned from the first waves,” Durand said in a telephone interview. “Winter sports means being seen outside, and on the climb, we have done enough to ensure that the ways in which people are respected are respected.”

Durand, who oversees 360 ski instructors, said they and their colleagues have tried to create other activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

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