7 Fascinating Details about Poland

Poland is a European country with a rich heritage and many traditions.

The capital of Poland and Warsaw. After World War II, the capital city was on the verge of collapse. Only 15% of homes survived. Warsaw, as it appears today, is a city restored from ruins. Since Warsaw was restored so quickly, there are many houses built from the grounds. Most trees do not care about the capital and consider it to be interesting. There are many ancient buildings, palaces, and palaces in the country. There are also some interesting things about Poland.

Prior to the second world war, Poland had a number of Jewish homes. There were about 3 million people of that race. After the war, 300,000 people survived. To save the Jews from war, 6135 Pula was honored to be Righteous among the Nations. This is despite the fact that Poland is the only country where the salvation of Jews is punishable by death. About 50,000 Poles died as a result. We have collected some interesting and wonderful ideas from Poland.

7 About Poland

  1. There are many white storks in the country. They make up 23% of the world’s population. This bird is known as one of the world’s most famous landmarks.
  2. On the streets of Polish cities instead of hot dogs sell kebabs. It’s the same shawarma, but the section is bigger. It is placed in half a loaf of bread and baked with a plastic fork because it is impossible to bite.
  3. The church in this country has the power to marry people, as well as to register marriages legally. At the same time, abortion is prohibited here.
  4. It is a common practice here to watch videos that do not translate or cover. Translators are selected for each film. There are only exceptions to the design. Probably, for this reason, almost every Pole has good English.
  5. In this country, citizens are required to pay taxes on television and radio programs. But since payment is not mandatory, many Policies ignore it. But they say there are services that can come in and pay a fine if one does not pay and watch TV.
  6. Most dogs in the country are called Burek. It means gray, or black gray.
  7. In Poland, alcoholic beverages often contain black or raspberry juice. They drink through the grass. In winter, the beer is heated and honey, cinnamon, and cloves are added.

The most beautiful in 3 Poland

  1. In Poland, two rivers flow across it and then flow. This natural phenomenon is explained by the fact that the water levels of Nelba and Wielna, the water temperature, and the water flow are very different. As a result, both waves do not mix. To prove this in the water he added a wide variety of colors.
  2. In Wieliczka, there is a salt mine, located on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its length exceeds 200 km. The miners paint the mines with a cathedral and three churches. There are several basins and balconies in seven groups.
  3. The Auschwitz Museum Complex reminds natives of the Nazi atrocities committed during World War II. It was here that three “factories die”, in which more than a million prisoners of war from Poles, Gypsies, Jews, and Russia died in four years. In addition to the gas chambers and crematoriums, there were labor camps and experimental facilities, where the testing of the living took place.

Poland: foreign laws and customs

The country has many monuments dedicated to those persecuted by the Nazis and communism. But as a rule, this is not reflected in everyday life. Often, prejudice is expressed in sports competitions and other major events.

Polack Nicolaus Copernicus was the first on earth to make the idea that the Earth has a spherical shape and rotates around it. As a result, there was a scientific revolution that weakened the Catholic Church and contributed to European reform. Despite this, Poles is one of the most reliable countries. Here, even in street cars, advertisers talk about various customs associated with religious holidays.

Poland: what not to do in this country

  • When visiting a fork or to get some money, remember that it is not always appropriate to do so:
  • Exposure to alcohol in public places – high fines are guaranteed;
  • Crossing the street to the red sign on the road – a 100-200 PLN fine is guaranteed;
  • Drinking coffee and breast milk is a new way to have a unique taste;
  • Employment stability – Poles in Poland cannot understand such zeal, which can lead to conflicts.

By the way, it is not customary in Poland to talk about money. In addition, we urge you not to compete with the Police in punishing “who will drink the most”. This is where the case is kept after a person has survived by 14.8 ppm in the blood. To note: 5 ppm is considered to be a dangerous drug.

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