7 Fascinating Details about El Salvador

The Republic of El Salvador is a small state, located in Central America.

The capital of El Salvador and San Salvador. It is a country with many cases. Here it is not necessary to show the items of responsibility, such as valuables, watches, phones, money. You also need to avoid public spaces and public transportation – there are many attractions. In this country, bars and shutters are installed on all windows up to the third floor. Also here is the biggest murder scene. There are other attractions in El Salvador.

El Salvador is a land of natives. Even 2000 years ago, people lived here. On the site are the remains of ancient Mayan, Aztec and Nahuas architecture. One of the great attractions is the image of the war god and the fertile “Hiro Toec”. There are also many antiquities, pyramids, and special statues. Ruins of the ancient site “José de Seren” and the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We have collected the most fun and exciting things about Salvador.

More about El Salvador

  1. Salvadoran cuisine is a symbol of Indian and Spanish traditions. The main food is a strong green plant called plantain. It is used to make mashed potatoes, chips, and other dishes.
  2. There is a lot of salt in El Salvador. But local authorities decided not to sell the deposits to foreign companies and curtailed their development. The result was a brutal environment, as well as the pollution of rivers and industrial waste.
  3. In El Salvador, the official language is Spanish. But most residents speak two languages ​​- from birth, not only Spanish but also one of the local languages.
  4. The people of Salvador make corn from corn. The most popular herbs, which are made from rice, cinnamon, milk, and sugar, and sebad – a beverage made from barley and cinnamon.
  5. El Salvador is the first country in the world to be murdered. This figure is higher than in the military.
  6. Sweet potatoes are served as a salt here. Despite its unattractive shape, the inside of the tuber is sweet and delicious.
  7. Nearly every third family in El Salvador has enough money to send money from relatives in the United States. Wages are low in this country, and unemployment is high.

El Salvador: El Salvador’s Most Popular Places

  1. Volcano San Miguel or Chaparrastik can be up to two miles long and is functional. The last time the eruption occurred was in 2013. On foot, there are several ways to attract tourists, but it is forbidden to climb the top of the mountain.
  2. Ilopango Lake is a volcanic area. It was formed by a volcanic eruption one and a half thousand years ago. Visitors come here to jump in the water, fly in the wind, and other similar attractions. There are also many hot springs. Every year, air shows, organized by local airlines, take place here.
  3. The El Boquerón Nature Reserve is located at the top of a hill some 6,000 feet[1800 m]high. Visitors have the opportunity to see a wall 5 km wide. A large number of animals and plants are not found here. Visitors have special routes.

El Salvador: foreign laws and customs

In 1969, the Honduran football team lost to the Salvador soccer team. As a result, there was a war between two neighboring countries, called the “Football War”. It took only 6 days, from 14 to 20 June. During this time, both sides lost about 2,000 people. This conflict had raged for years, and the loss of the football team further strengthened the military.

What shouldn’t happen in El Salvador?

  • Drinking while driving – according to the laws of the land, a driver could be sentenced to death;
  • Drink raw water – only in bottles or after drinking;
  • Pride and wealth – it is better to go out without a phone and gold jewelry;
  • Refusal to steal – this is a great opportunity to live, even if you have no money;
  • Take photos of the area – it is important to ask permission;
  • Conflict with the military or the police – the consequences are tragic.

The region is rich in volcanic activity. Izalco, the most famous volcano, erupts once every 8 minutes. It is also known as the Mayak of the Pacific Ocean because it directs the pilots. Also earthquakes occur frequently in the country. During the last two centuries, the capital city has been partially destroyed five times. Although no one knows where to wait for earthquakes, the capital is under construction regularly.

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