7 Attention-grabbing Info about Samoa

Samoa’s autonomous state is a well-known country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The capital of Samoa is Alia. It is the only city in the state, with a population of about 35 thousand. The country is made up of nine islands, the main ones being Sawaya and Upolu. The east coast of the islands is in the hands of the Americas. For a long time, the government was ruled by Germany and New Zealand. There are also some interesting things about Samoa.

Until the colonial period, part of Samoa was divided into different ethnic groups, which often fought among themselves. The natives were so cruel that Americans and whites were afraid. Today, the Samoan people are peaceful and nonviolent. The idea is to respect local people, elders, parents, and themselves. A comfortable and relaxed space reigns here. We have collected some of the most amazing and unique things from Samoa.

7 About Samoa

  1. Before the European missionaries invaded Samoa, there was no language. It was masterfully crafted in 1834. At the heart of Latin writing. Today 99% of the population is educated. For this region, it has a high rate.
  2. The country has two official languages ​​- English and Samoan. However, only a handful of people speak English.
  3. In 1918-1919, the country fell to Spain. Almost all the people in this country are sick. A fifth of them died.
  4. Hurricanes often blow. From October to May, there is a rainy season. On average, it is about 3,000 ml of rain per year.
  5. Tattoos are very popular among the local people. Men are placed on their bodies from the waist down to the knees and women from the knees to the thighs.
  6. There are no snakes, wild animals, or lizards in the archipelago. Also, you will not find a stray cat or dog. The islanders are flying foxes. There are also many insects and birds.
  7. Here’s a traditional dress – lava skirts. This is part of the men’s and women’s clothing line. Even wearing a police uniform, there is a garment.

3 Most Beautiful Samoan

  1. Lake To-Sua is a volcano. It is in failure, which was created as a result of volcanic eruptions. The depth of the failure reached 30 meters. The water is so clear and transparent that one can observe the local animals.
  2. Lanutoo Lake was one of the most exciting places in Europe. Today, the lake is an amazingly green color. There are also countless goldfish, which come ashore to help. Also, no range could reach the bottom of this pool.
  3. Savai’i Island, a Polynesian cultural heritage that is relatively free of modern civilization. There are many recreational areas, but all is well and there is no place. Weak and wounded turtles gather on the beach. The local women’s committee takes care of them and then releases them to go.

Foreign laws and customs in Samoa

In this state, there are middle or third people. These are boys who were raised as girls from infancy. They are usually young children who help their mothers with household chores. It’s called Faafine. They are not considered to be transgender men. He is respected in the community. The connection between such a person and a commoner in the Samoan race cannot be assumed to be homosexual. This phenomenon is common in some lands.

Prohibited in Samoa

  • Forgetting your wife’s birthday is one of the strangest things in the world;
  • A walking horse is seen as an irreverent horse;
  • Meetings in the markets – here are the lowest prices, which is why this type of business is unreasonable and why it is not fair;
  • Sitting down with your feet turning to the occupants is seen as disrespectful to others;
  • Making noise Sunday between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm is prayer time;
  • Abuse Nui is a local beverage, which is very nutritious but very strong;
  • Jumping in the water – there are many rocks near the shore and strong currents, so for beginners, the descent ends incorrectly.

Samoan traditional houses have no walls. It’s an oval tower with a roof. The walls are lined with mats made of natural materials or a grid to protect the “house” from mosquitoes. The wall, or roof, is made of straw. There are also parking lots in such homes.

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