7 Attention-grabbing Info about Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a Muslim Islamic country, located in South Asia.

The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. It is one of the largest countries in the world. Its population reaches 201 million people. The country attracts visitors with artifacts, which have been around for a long time. There are also some interesting things about Pakistan.

Today, Pakistan has four provinces. The head of state is the president. The requirement for a person in this position is to accept Islam. Pakistan’s military is known to be one of the strongest in the world. The security forces are involved in many wars and territories. We have collected the most unusual items in Pakistan.

More about Pakistan

  1. In Pakistan, almost all the inhabitants are believers. Only 4% of people do not consider themselves Muslims.
  2. If foreigners even crossed the border into Israel, they would not be allowed to enter the land. All who want to go to this country should keep this in mind.
  3. Pakistan has a well-established public order system. It is not uncommon to arrange loud noises, dancing, and concerts in the streets.
  4. Women in this country do not like to leave home. If she has to leave home, she must be accompanied by a man – husband, brother, or father.
  5. In Pakistan, there is an internet connection. Citizens have access to pornographic sites without restrictions. But Facebook and YouTube are closed.
  6. Alcohol is especially prohibited here. The most common drink is dark black tea and added milk.
  7. Pakistanis love to decorate private and public transportation. All types of decorations are used, including carpets.

TOP 3 best looking in Pakistan

  1. One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites is located in Pakistan. By Mohenjo Daro, the mountain of the dead or the city of the dead. It is a remnant of the ancient Indian city, dating to 4.5 thousand years. Establishment is a great place. No one knows what caused the death of this development. It is known that the men suddenly left the city. Scientists produce the best species – floods, Aryan invasions, and even alien invasions.
  2. Baltitis ring. The palace was built in the eighth century on top of another hill. The house has three rooms. At the top are the rooms, on the second – in the living room, and in the first – in the armory. Not too long ago, this brand was restored.
  3. In the Punjab province, there is a special salt mine, discovered by Alexander the Great’s soldiers. Not only does it provide salt for people but it also attracts tourists from all over the world. The salt added here is either red or pink. There are a limited number of copies, which are made of salt.

Pakistan: laws and customs

In Pakistan, they believe that having single daughters in a marriage is a shameful act. If the parents have only daughters, some of them are raised as boys. They are allowed to wear men’s clothing, cut their hair short, and do men’s things. But, in time, they grow. After puberty, children become girls and marry.

Visitors are required to visit local markets. There you can buy handmade items. It can be beautiful carpets, salt lamps, dishes, ivory, ornaments made of precious stones. Almost every city has a craftsman who makes pieces of leather, wood, and other materials. In Pakistan, it is not uncommon to negotiate. It is suitable for almost anywhere, except shopping malls or stores.

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