6 Greatest Locations to Go to in November 2020

Where to Stay:

Settled on 58 hectares in Washington, Connecticut (about an hour from NYC), the Mayflower Inn is celebrating its centenary with a new design by interior designer, Celerie Kemble. You feel like you are in your own home where you are ready with a fireplace for playing cards on the cards or taking part in a sweater party-on the front lawn.


What to do:

Start your day with R&R at Mayflower’s rest area, which offers non-invasive services, such as non-reactive parts of rays and clear healing. Afterwards, tie up your hiking boots and see the nearby Hidden Valley Preserve – a 727-acre site filled with swamps, long roads, and highways. Every fall, head to Averill Farm, a decade-old farm that provides seasonal produce, homemade pies, and cider machines.

Where to Eat and Drink:

For breakfast or lunch, visit The Pantry, a family-run cafe that changes the weather every day. For dinner, try out the Public Restaurant and Bar, which is known for its fresh food and cocktails as well as for the purpose of helping nearby gardens and food vendors. There’s a bonfire on the hot summer outside while you wait for your desk. Back in The Mayflower, the restaurant manager at The Garden Room, April Bloomfield, offers four dinner parties featuring Bloomfield’s signature dishes. If you are on Thanksgiving, take with you Thanksgiving restaurants in this country: a three-course series that includes everything from fried turkey to pumpkin pie and creme fraiche.

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