5 travel bloggers to observe when you daydream about your subsequent journey

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This year is now a new generation of isolation and social isolation, so it’s good to remember the time when travel was a choice.

Fortunately, there are several travel bloggers to help you encourage you on their past trips. We showcased our five passions that brought us all over the world – from the comfortable bed.


Kiki is the creator of the California-based content and YouTuber. She describes herself as a “solo-female”, and is the founder of The Blonde Abroad. Her company specializes in affiliate marketing, consulting, TV advertising, travel, and digital content. The company is run by women proudly.


Lee is a photographer and storyteller, using his photographs to identify the different cultures and stories of his journey. With 200,000 followers on Instagram, it also appeared in well-known magazines such as Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Canada, Refinery 29, and the Huffington Post.


Francesca is a well-known figure in the travel market, with the goal of promoting thousands of years through her online platform One Girl One World. They offer discussions of their choice, while content creators receive feedback, ideas, and financial strategies to help them launch their projects in the same companies. Fun: she speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian – so no wonder it’s a breeze for her!


Mirae is a digital manager, traveler, and photographer; who always strive to be open to unlimited opportunities. They work with well-known brands such as WestJet, Blundstone, and Pan Pacific. We also brought her one press trip with Tahiti Tourisme, where she was able to take some amazing photos that show the essentials of her travels.


Strong family Jessica and Garrett and parents of Dorothy, Calihan, and Manilla; a family of five who make up The Bucket List Family. With huge availability on Instagram and YouTube, they became known for changing their lives to sell everything (including their home!) And start their journey around the world. They write the highs and lows of their journeys to share true stories from the most fascinating places in the world.

Did we miss anyone? Send us your favorite blogger who you think would be on the list!

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