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They also sell gifts for their children. Becker teens have learned to expect gifts that include one thing they need, one thing they want and one family.

Marion Haberman, YouTuber on the radio My My Mama Mama Moyo, and her family have ideas that do not want to exchange gifts with several people over eight nights of Hanukkah.

“We just give presents to the children – grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-grandchildren – on their birthday,” he says. “In our house, we give one gift to each child each night.”

3. Plan your gift-giving process

For the Haberman family, the gifts are not really wrapped up. The gift could be a voucher for a meal or a night to build a wall and watch movies.

Nordmann’s children often receive the gift they want, the gift they need, clothing and a book. To some brothers, Nordmann and her husband provide gifts.

“We had a very good harvest in our field this year,” he says. “We make hot soup and papaya food.”

By giving them gifts of thought that do not hurt their budget, they can continue to make up for what they lost during the epidemic. The ban has delayed family retirement goals. Her husband, a car mechanic, had been working for two months, and their vacation spot was forced to close immediately.

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