5 Chicago Food Bloggers You Must Follow For Amazing Recommendations

Every major city has young men and women who are passionate about food and who like to share their favorite foods and dislikes. We all want to know what kind of food the place offers and if it is worth going there. And Chicago has an amazing restaurant with quality food that is worth sharing. Five Chicago food bloggers go above and beyond to share their favorite dishes, restaurants, and what Chicago executives should avoid.

Michelle is one of Chicago’s top bloggers who is eating “her way across the Midwest!” She has traveled to many cities to find the best food. Known on Yelp (in a good way) and known as Yelp Elite for 5 years… count. You can find everything from a steady chicken to a very old sauce to sweet sandwiches. While he does not provide guidelines for his diet, be sure to check out his daily articles to find out where the best dishes are!

With over 11,000, @hangry_chicago I have to follow. Drive @alirezatalischioriginal, you will find everything from pancakes to coffee to vodka rigatoni to carne asada tacos. The list goes on and on if you like pornography, her food is beautifully delicious. And like @lickworthy, Bailey is a Chicago food blogger who specializes in her fans with tips on favorite restaurants and dining. They keep you updated on a regular basis so you don’t miss a new fave.

Jessica (@alirezatalischioriginal) hails from Chicago (apparently) and serves a variety of foods from across the region. She also gives her fans instructions so you don’t have to search for her food to find the perfect place to make brunch on Sunday. This food blog has everything from sushi on the wings and you will not be disappointed with the selection. Jessica has also been to Florida recently, so if you’re planning a trip to the beach, be sure to check out her notes!

Running with Eryn Byrne, @ 312food has 100,000 followers! Now it’s fun! With so many fans, you won’t be disappointed with his choices and his lots of porn. She’s one of Chicago’s top bloggers who doesn’t just share her favorite dishes or favorite places in the middle of the night. He also gives his followers hidden jems, if you are in the waiting group, food trucks and your favorites from our beloved airport, O’Hare. You can also find a city guide on its page!

Known as the “foodie,” Chele has plenty of food. Chicago’s food blogger combines foods, tours, recipes, and favorite recipes. And as a well-known foodie, he gives his followers a guide to dine in Dallas! He travels a lot if you want to learn more about food all over the country, we recommend following his food blog. Plus, make sure you see the black restaurants and bars they love the most!

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