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Why Is There A Container Shortage in the USA currently?

Jun 3

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Is there currently a shortage of shipping containers in the USA?

Populations continue to increase every year. And as it happens, many countries are now suffering from being overpopulated. It would be hard to find a job, money, or even a decent place to live in. That is the reason why many came up with an idea of a shipping container makeover for them to have a house without spending much.

The shipping container supplier was happy when that kind of abode became a trend. The container became versatile in its usage. Before, it was just a plain boring container usually used by entrepreneurs or business owners to transport goods to the other side of the world. But now, everyone can have it and use it as storage, bunker, or home.



It is very useful to everyone. It makes every import and export product easy to transfer to every country's port. There is no need to hire more employees to do all those transferring port stuff. It is like a blessed gift to every person in business that has products made from other neighboring countries.

But recently, there has been a shipping container shortage that hits not just in the USA but all over the world. It all began in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic that made every factory and manufacturing industry stop its production and focus on everyone’s health.

The excellent transportation flow of the containers was interrupted. They kept the containers in port storage for a long time because they feared passing the virus through goods in every country. It needs to be quarantined for a minimum of 2 weeks. Not just that, there are only a few employees who can do those pending tasks. It just stops moving.

There is also a limited number of global ocean freight shippers that can provide a response to the worldwide shortage. The global pandemic lasted for years, making it more challenging to resolve the shortage issue. Because of that, some experts predicted that it would gradually go back to its usual demands by 2022 this year. That is why our company tried to help ease our country’s container demand.