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North Gaia EC pays detailed attention to your preferences to make you most comfortable

Mar 23

North Gaia units is a masterpiece that was designed by nature, embodies the finest details and unending extravagantness. Its location in the middle of Yishun makes it a seamless mix of both.

North Gaia EC is more than your typical residence. It reveals every meaning of luxurious comfort. It leaves the coveted job of enjoying every aspect of its beauty to its wealthy owners.

You will surely experience luxury when you own this exquisite home. You do not have to travel far to find the highest level of luxury and glamour inside these walls at North Gaia EC. Rethink what you knew about living life with the luxury of luxury served by a gold platter. Other executive condos includes Ola EC, Parc Greenwich and Provence Residence.

Explore the very best in architecture by using North Gaia EC. It embodies the concept of unlimited design and the addition of function and form. The natural shades of the contours let the appearance that of changeable balconies. In addition, you will enjoy a stunning views from both inside and out.

It is a luxurious home with all the amenities for relaxation and recreation. North Gaia EC, brings everything you need for a more comfortable and urban escape within range.

North Gaia EC enjoys the benefits of being in a prime location within the Yishun district. It's not surprising how easily accessible the lifestyle hub is, with major cities within the reach of. It is connected, which makes it possible to enjoy you to live your life outdoors and indoors too.

If you are a fan of working, playing, studying or just luxuriating it is not necessary to compromise on any aspect. North Gaia EC, offers an environment that allows you the freedom to live your best life in all aspects.

You can simply whisper your address to receive all the attention you're due. It is recommended to start your day by having the breakfast of a famous entertainment or retail spot. You can finish the day by taking a thrilling drive.

Take a plunge into an amazing urban, verdant adventure and see your dream come to life. North Gaia EC, is waiting to indulge your spirit and lift your mood.

An abundance of facilities are waiting for you to boost your energy levels to new heights. Enjoy a relaxing bath in the pool and relax in the sun on the deck. Everything you need to get you up for a peaceful and relaxing experience is there.

Enjoy our activities zones. Perhaps you'd like to relax your mood with the shower or the Jacuzzi or enjoy a vigorous exercise session in the gym. To ensure you have the most active and energetic and delicate moment, North Gaia EC, is the place to be.

Celebrate your special occasions with us at our lavish event exclusively for your celebrations and events. Are you more comfortable in the outdoors or indoors? You can enjoy the alfresco dining experience on the deck of the pool, and eat in grill pit. With the convenience of own home you are able to enjoy each moment of your life, every occasion.

Make sure you are able to shift your activities from social to private time. No matter if you're active or have a great idea you can always find something to suit you. Take a relaxing walk and admire the view inside your castle. Relax and enjoy the clouds or gaze into the evening sky. It's best to begin your day by engaging in a pastime.

North Gaia EC combines the modern values of its spaces with stylish designs that bring out the finest of luxury. The balconies swell to the sky and create an elongated facade.

The extravagantness of the spaces is amplified by the meticulous attention to details of fashion. The design, appearance and even texture are all put in place to create a stunning display of elegance. They are constructed to create a stunning private terrace to enjoy the views. Enjoy the best views from the most ideal angle from the city.

Every detail is taken care of to provide unrivaled convenience. From the merchandise to the equipment and the finishing, North Gaia EC, is attentive to your needs. Each detail is designed to make you feel at ease.

The most exquisite kitchen appliances. The most elegant designs and features from the most well-known brands. Attention to detail is given to make sure that you can relax with luxury.

North Gaia EC, assures the residents of this stunning home a luxurious life. This iconic architectural structure located in the middle of Yishun employs top designers and developer. They were able to bring an original design to life, crafted specifically to meet the needs of its customers living in a modern life style.

This house is designed specifically for you. We make sure to give enough attention to each aspect to ensure your comfort. It is then possible to enjoy the entire experience within a home that fits you in a way that is sensitive to your wants and needs as well.