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The Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation

Nov 15

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While vacations are a thoroughly enjoyable experience, they can also offer several health benefits, according to experts. You may not realize the damaging physical effects that being cooped up in an office can have on your body, while experiencing intense levels of stress due to a heavy workload.

You must take some much-needed time out to simply enjoy life and make the most of your time – and what better way to do it, than going on vacation?

Although you may struggle to pull yourself away from your responsibilities, you shouldn’t ignore the health benefits that taking a vacation can provide. 

Here are just a few to make a note of:

Stress reduction

Studies have shown that taking a vacation can reduce stress levels dramatically as you remove people and situations around you, which tend to be the anchor of stress patterns.

When we are exposed to heightened levels of stress, the brain structure is modified which can lead to long-term mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. It’s natural to feel much calmer when you’re pulled out of these situations, which makes vacations the perfect method of escapism.

Traveling can be a stress in itself, so to make this theory work, you’ll need to be well-prepared and plan your vacation steadily. Make as many pre-bookings as you can ahead of time, such as parking reservations at the airport with to booking transfers to your hotel. 

In doing so, you’ll make your vacation as stress-free as possible.


When our brains get overworked and tired, it’s natural for you to lose motivation and productivity without realizing. Getting as much done in as little time possible is a productive method for the short-term, but you’re guaranteed to burn out eventually. Deciding to go on vacation and leave your responsibilities behind for a couple of days will improve your mental focus and allow you to become significantly more productive after the short break.

Better sleep

Getting out of the mundane day-to-day routine and stepping into a relaxing environment is one of the best ways to improve sleep patterns. When we have too much on our minds, it can prevent us from getting the sleep we need, which has a knock-on effect on our concentration, memory and quality of life.

Researchers have discovered that vacations can interrupt bad habits which tend to disrupt sleep which then gives the body the chance to reset itself, so you can get back into the fast-paced lifestyle with more energy and clarity.

Boosts your happiness

Vacations can have a significant impact on your overall happiness and wellbeing. When we are in a tranquil environment and enjoying the present moment, the chemical, dopamine is released in the brain which then results in what’s known as ‘the feel-good factor’. Happiness isn’t just important for your time on vacation, it can also lead to additional benefits such as greater productivity, improved mental health and a better social life in the long-term.