2020 Travel Retail Awards video out there on-line

The 2020 Travel Retail Awards ceremony is now shown below, via TRBusiness YouTube and TravelRetailAwards.com, following an event that took place yesterday morning (11am UK, UTC + 1). The full length of HD VoD (video on demand) includes essential feedback for each winner, provided by a partner, m1nd-set, and live Charity Raffle video.

At a social event held on Tuesday (September 29) during LAWS, the first digital social media platform, TRBusiness revealed the most anticipated trips based on the incredible responses from a group of consumer bloggers and vloggers and the expertise of experts from the thousands of independent travelers around the world who found their way into the unique m1nd-set.

Now in its third year, the Consumer Retail Awards continue to provide benefits to entrants and sponsors, and provide a brand of trust and reliance on sales and services offered to – and voting for – consumers.

Winners of previous awards and finalists can testify, the Travel Retail Awards logo guides consumers to purchase products. According to m1nd-set 22% of consumers have the opportunity to purchase an item with the Voted by Shoppers finalist logo on display and more than 30% are able to purchase with the winners logo displayed.

By traditional fashions, m1nd-set surveys make up 70% of the total, while bloggers and vlogger responses make up the remaining 30%. Please read this article to see the full list of the finalists and finalists and the details of the judging process.

We would also like to thank those who assisted us in realizing the importance of consumerism in our companies. Without your help this would not have been possible.

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