15 Wine Consultants You Ought to Be Following on Instagram

No drink is more important on vacation than wine. With home-grown orders that may be close by, there is no better time to explore the world of wine through the fun archers.

Whether wine is a new habit or a lifelong passion, there is much to learn. Fortunately, the media now allows us to educate ourselves at home, so why not wait? From reputable sommeliers, to journalists and podcast makers, wine lovers, these experts have come to share their insights, jokes, discoveries, and much more.

Chasity Cooper

Chasity Cooper is a blogger from Chicago, an educator, and journalist who has contributed to a variety of publications (including VinePair). On his blog, Wine With Chas, Cooper teaches readers about wine “in a fun, fearless way.” On her blog and her Instagram account, Cooper keeps fresh and educational drinks.

Eric Asimov

Eric Asimov is a wine critic at The New York Times whose writings have been educating readers for years. They cover everything from winemaking to unknown wine regions. On his Instagram account, Asimov shares the burning of bottles of tasting wine bottles, as well as his most recent posts.

Rajat Parr

Rajat Parr is a winemaker in California and Oregon. His wine club, Raj Parr Wine Club, sends two members of his wine each year. Parr shares his phone number with members, who encourage them to phone him with questions on all aspects of wine. A major Instagram user, Parr has several profiles on the platform, sharing food, wine, and agricultural photos.

Shakera Jones

Shakera Jones is a sommelier, critic, blogger, and podcast writer. In his blog, Jones cites everything from racism to the wine world and reviews restaurants. Jones also interviews wine experts such as Dwyane Wade about their lives and work each week on his podcast, A Glass for All Palate. At his dinner, Jones shares a snack, highlights the black voices in the wine, and reminds his followers to “save water, drink Champagne.”

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Thanks to all who have been watching my weekly selections on @sommtv_streaming! I try my best at the changes I want to see. There is a SUPPORT for you to learn, know and love about wine, but first of all, it should be shared and enjoyed relationships with other people. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity and the platform to work with so many other exciting wine professionals who are working hard to make wine available, diverse, integrated, equitable, accessible and entertaining. I’m committed to always bringing the real ones to the party! I’m a little younger, a little more loving, sometimes awkward (????), but I’m always on the lookout for clues and I’m happy to share a lot of food and great wine with others! ???? I am guided by a few simple principles: resStudy ???? Kindness queverything ????Agency ????COMPATIBLE PLACEâ € (and laughs) with you all! Ov: @ovonion ????: @brownestate, @ houseofbrown.wine ????: me ???????????? #aglassforeverypalate #wcw #blackwomeninwine #womeninwine #winemedia #dothework #bethechangeyouwanttosee #winelover #winewriter #watchpower

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Julia Coney

Julia Coney is a Washington, DC- and Houston-based pro who serves as the editor of VinePair. Coney recently established Black Wine experts, showcasing black experts in wine, ranging from sommeliers, to retailers, educators, and many more. He also wrote extensively about wine and was featured on VinePair, Forbes, and beyond. On her Instagram page, Coney wrote about the latest bottles she drank, discussed the benefits of wine on Instagram Live, and shared the latest news.

Hue Society

The Hue Society is a group of “all things related to the culture of black wine.” Founded by sommelier and businessman Tahiirah Habibi, the group focuses on celebrating and connecting the Black Wine group, as well as supporting technology and increasing opportunities for those not mentioned in wine. On Instagram, The Hue Society shares exciting videos and uses its platform to enlighten black wine professionals.

Sam Mushman

A man of many talents, Sam Mushman can offer the most important joke, or the best Pinot glass. The NYC Sommelier is in charge of drinks and drinks during the day, as well as jokes at night. Instead, most of his jokes are about wine, laughing at the good who drink very lightly.

Philippe André

Philippe André, aka @niquesomm, is a Chicago ambassador and US ambassador to Charles Heidsieck Champagne. He is the founder of Grand Cru and Co and a member of the United Somms Foundation. On Instagram, André goes to chat with “Charlie Chats,” chatting with his friends. Follow André to have fun, fun, and, foam.

Society for Young Women

The Black Girls Wine Society is “a stable organization that gives you the opportunity to connect, expand your mouth, and strengthen relationships through positive experiences.” The Society conducts events and gatherings of its members, including everything from seafood parties to delicacies. Her instagram profile shows a group that is inclusive and fun.

Vivian Rocillo

Those who like to travel can be unsteady via Vivian Rocillo’s Instagram feed. The Toronto-based Sommelier travels around the world eating delicious food, taking Insta photos, and, tasting wine because, as Rocillo’s history reads, “#Wine is a virtue.”

Wankers and Wine

Drew and Conrad, also known as @winewankers, are wine lovers and bloggers who believe that wine should be respected. Teaching about wine through jokes, the authors share wine tips, reviews, and much more. On Instagram, Wine Wankers posts funny memes, beautiful wine photos, and much more.

Anna-Christina Cabrales

Anna-Christina Cabrales is a New York-based journalist and general manager of wine at Morrell Wine Bar & Café. Cabrales now serves as a lecturer and consultant at Wine Unify, an organization that promotes diversity and inclusion in the wine world, as well as as an educator for the Somm Society. He recently launched #SOMMATION, an organization that he attends with his fellow wine experts to discuss important issues in the wine world and hospitality, as well as showcasing various voices in wine. On her Instagram page, Cabrales shares delicious photos of wine and food and much more.

Georgia Panagopoulou

Georgia Panagopoulou, or @wine.gini, is a digital wine retailer and wine educator and one of the most followed years on Instagram. At his banquet, he shares photo tours, wine tips, and fun wines.

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Dear T. Rousseau

Regine T. Rousseau is a Chicago-based wine producer and CEO and co-founder of Shall We Wine, “a brilliant advertiser, event planner and journalist.” Rousseau created the community with the goal of making drinks accessible to everyone. On Instagram, Rousseau shares encouraging articles, wine stories, and more.

Keith Beavers

Keith Beavers is a wine writer, podcast director, and director of VinePair. Regardless of the depth of the wine (or himself), Beavers is here to educate his followers and audiences about wine in a humorous, complex, and easy-to-digest way. On Instagram, Beavers writes about how they explored the Wine 101 Podcast, shared festive food ideas for the festival, and much more.

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