15 greatest travel books for Christmas 2020 — specialists advocate good presents for pissed off travellers

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Book Travel in Britain

Louise Boland, £ 16.99, Fairlight Books

The iconic, slow-moving and dignified image of the British electoral roll, from Hardy in Dorset to the Highlands, via Norfolk Broads, Whitby and Wales. Boland has 18 tours of ancient museums, palaces, coal mines, distilleries, and bookstores.

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Globetrotter Design at Happiness

Kate Morgan, £ 15, Hardie Grant

Perhaps even more important during the year when travel was reduced, the book examines how different parts of the world strive for happiness. Of the 20 philosophers, there is the ikigai (meaning of life) from Japan, gezellig (cosiness) in the Netherlands and a simple vacation arrives in Sweden, aside – where travel is easier – where they can find the source.

Clanlands: Whiskey, Warfare, and Scottish Adventure Like No Other

Graham McTavish & Sam Heughan, £ 20, Hodder & Stoughton

Outlander’s friends and friends Heughan and McTavish take readers on a tour of Scotland to see their culture, history, wealth and culture, and shave, humor and well-crafted performances.

Traveler Color Book

Varvara Fomina, $ 9.99, Bradt

Good Fifth Friend, the soothing book invites you to bring more than 50 people, places, homes and wildlife from all over the world to more than 50 examples. Each is published by one of Bradt Guides’ authors.

Gavin Francis examines the status quo and isolation

Signs of Life: To the End of the World by a Doctor

Stephen Fabes, £ 18.99, Book History

When Fabes quit his job as chief medical officer in London to travel around the world, he found that the treatment was harder to stop than expected. His six-year journey is marked by a series of eye-opening events, including the cool body of monks in the Himalayas, refugee camps and war-torn hospital wards.


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Dreams of the Island: Mapping the Show

Gavin Francis, £ 17.99, Canongate

Chosen in the Waterstones Book of the Year, Gavin Francis explores the attractions of the islands and isolation, through psychology, philosophy and ancient travels, combined with maps with beautiful illustrations.

The World of Nala: One Man, His Rescue Cat and Bicycle Worldwide

Dean Nicholson, £ 18.99, Hodder & Stoughton

Nicholson’s heartwarming and exciting security story
starts his bike from Scotland to travel around the world – and carries an unexpected companion somewhere between Bosnia and Montenegro, three months into his journey.


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Accidentally Wes Anderson: the story of this new book is where you can track your travels

Accidentally Wes Anderson

Wally Koval, £ 25, Trapeze

This coffee table collects sites from the popular Instagram account of the same name. The painting is inspired by the beauty of Wes Anderson’s film, all-in-one, grape decorations and pastel colors – and Koval reveals the fascinating stories behind every scene.

The film is inspired by the beauty of Wes Anderson’s film

Worldwide 80 Ships: Recreation in 45,000 Directions

Monisha Rajesh, £ 9.99, Bloomsbury

Hailing from Kings Cross in London, Rajesh embarks on a journey that will take him and his girlfriend to Tibet and North Korea. A trip to the railway station, with hot encounters, strange chaos and dangerous thoughts.

Magdalena: The River of Dreams

Wade Davis, £ 25, Vine

Davis travels to the mighty Rio Magdalena of Colombia, and chronicles his natural wonders and recent struggles, from swamps to the mountains and Andes, encountering music, literature, poetry and religion.


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Venice – Lion City and Water

Cees Nooteboom, £ 20, MacLehose Press

The great Dutch novelist turned his hand to move on to the most advanced writing. His experience on the way to La Serenissima for over 50 years and his natural interest makes him a good companion, and the book is well illustrated.

Snow Leopard

Peter Matthiessen, £ 16.99, Vine

The story of Matthiessen’s 1973 trip to the Tibetan Plain, in search of a picture of the common snow leopard and a myth, resonates as it did 40 years ago. His heart-wrenching journey and quest for comfort on the grueling 250-mile[250 km]journey has been the epitome of modern travel, uninterrupted travel, and it is exciting to see it reprinted in the hardback.

Virago Book for Women Traveler

Edited by Mary Morris, £ 14.99, Virago

The best travel story for many women, this is a list of the best food for writers like Mary McCarthy, Isabella Bird, Willa Cather, Beryl Markham, MFK Fisher and Joan Didion. Large-scale travel writing did not sound very important, and here it is joined by many people who have declined to decline due to culture.

Travel to the train station

Nain Hearts of Pakistan

Declan Walsh, £ 20, Bloomsbury

For the past ten years, Declan Walsh has traveled everywhere in a difficult and fragile world, from the heat of Karachi to the border of the Waziristan wilderness. His gift is listening, and it is in his dialogue with Pakistan, from activists to senior leaders, that the life of a fascinating and fragile world is being revealed.

Green – Trips in Springtime

Tim Dee, £ 18.99, Jonathan Cape

These dark days were an inspiration for Tim Dee’s journey to explore the coming of spring in Europe and the natural migration that announces its arrival. Between winter and summer, the spring moves north around the speed of swallowing or human movement. Dee follows, his ideas and his natural interest are poured into each page.


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