12 Greatest Airbnbs in Memphis for Each Type & Finances

12 of the Best Airbnb Best in Memphis, Tennessee

Tthe city of Memphis is a good vacation for friendly people. Memphis is known for its wide range of entertainment venues, such as restaurants, museums, and theaters.

With so much to offer, staying here for a day would be a mistake. With that in mind, here are some of the best homes you can visit:

One Good Day in Memphis Rental Luxury

Top Airbnb Memphis

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Looking for a luxury Airbnb in Memphis? This beautiful East Memphis mansion is located between Downtown and Germantown. It is an excellent house that is carefully renovated with masterfully crafted interiors.

This rental house uses the finest fabrics and the highest quality beds for your comfort. The decor of the house is clean, sweet, refreshing, and intricate.


We had a great time, the house was very nice. This will be our next trip to Memphis! Elizabeth was very obedient and her house was everything we expected it to be and to be clean. – Ashley

Central Gardens Studio

Studio Airbnbs in MemphisStudio Airbnbs in Memphis

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Classic Central Gardens Studio offers great relief as the environment is filled with flowers and trees. The bedroom has everything you need, such as the living room, kitchen, dryer, and free WiFi.

If you need anything, your roommates will be there to help you. You will also be near Overton Square, where there will be plenty of food. If you want a night out, you can go to town for a drink and have some music.


Best Places in Midtown / Central Gardens. I spent 4 weeks training for the job and I was very happy. The neighborhood is beautiful and very safe. The place is ideal to enter downtown within 10 minutes or south of the airport at 15. Travis responded very quickly and was surprisingly helpful. The condom has a lot of charm and provides everything you need to go on a weekend trip or stay longer. – Anastasia

Private Home House

Airbnb luxury warehouse in Memphis and Queen bed. Airbnb luxury warehouse in Memphis and Queen bed.

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If you are looking for a small place to live, a large house is the right option. The building was named Best Airbnb in Memphis by the Memphis Business Journal.

Located between Midtown and Downtown, the house has a large double queen bed, kitchen, radio, bathroom, and free WiFi. You can also have a balcony where you can relax and admire the city’s landscape.


The place is a gem. Nice bed and beautiful decorations with the opportunity to stay in Memphis. Donnis was a careful and obedient host. Yes I encourage you! – Cheri

Tux location

Rental House at Airbnb in Downtown MemphisRental House at Airbnb in Downtown Memphis

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Tux Place is a great home for quartets. The house has one large queen bed and a sofa bed, which you can turn into another double bed. Features include kitchen, radio video, bathroom, washing machine and dryer, and free WiFi.

Since the building is located near the city, there are many restaurants and other tourist attractions, such as the FedEx Forum and Beale Street.


Great place. More comfortable than any hotel. Near Beale Street and many other attractions. – Andrew

Midtown Memphis Bungalow

Airbnb in Midtown MemphisAirbnb in Midtown Memphis

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The Memphis bungalow is a great place for people traveling with their friends. The home has plenty of space to accommodate the team’s needs, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, radio, dryer and washing machine, and four beds.

What makes this place a great place is a place of hospitality that you can enjoy. Some of the parks you can visit are Mud Island and Graceland, home of Elvis Presley. If that’s not enough, Levitt Shell & Beale St. is near where there will be many good music and seasonal theater.


The house was beautiful! Close to local attractions especially coffee shops. The home was comfortable, clean, and easy to find. We will be back! – Nancy

Downtown Memphis Observatory

Airbnb Rental Near Downtown MemphisAirbnb Rental Near Downtown Memphis

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Another large group of friends is this large house near Downtown Memphis. The building is 1,800 meters high and can accommodate 10 people with 3-4 bedrooms.

Features include fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, living room, free WiFi, even indoor fireplace. There is also a balcony where you can have a dinner party among your friends. In addition, the building is located near Mud Island Park, which has a museum and concert.


We loved the end of our Girl Weekend and the house made them feel better. The house is in a very nice location and is close to anything we want to visit. We will be here again. – Lenora

Midtown Tudor History, Private Suite

Rental House at Airbnb in MemphisRental House at Airbnb in Memphis

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If you are planning to travel on your own and seek advice in your area, staying in this home is recommended. You will live in a room that is private, with wireless video and Netflix, a bathroom, and free WiFi.

What makes this place special is that you are in good hands with your loved ones, who specialize in tourism. They will direct you to some of the best and most entertaining restaurants.

Other tourist attractions near Overton Park, Beale Street, and Memphis Zoo. In addition, your hosts will provide you with a free breakfast.


A beautiful house with many guests. We had a private room with a large bathroom upstairs. Richard and Dan were curious but not interested. We were excited by the ideas we asked Richard before he arrived. Especially the idea of ​​booking a restaurant. We had coffee and breakfast served each morning. I would be happy here. – Chemistry

Midtown Memphis Music Studio # 2

Rent of Music Studio Airbnb Vacation in MemphisRent of Music Studio Airbnb Vacation in Memphis

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This excellent studio is a great place for guests who are planning to promote their exterior. Since the studio is located in the heart of the city, there are many places to visit, such as the Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis Zoo, Overton Square, downtown.

You also have the unique opportunity to be close to the female environment and to have a lot of plants and trees. After your long journey, the music studio has everything you need to feel at ease, such as a bed, kitchen, bathroom, and radio video and your favorite place.


Tammy’s place is a good choice for a trip to Memphis. The place is beautiful; a quiet, safe place that is close to the many attractions of Memphis. He was very helpful and approachable, and the place was beautiful and clean. – Wren

Edgy 4BR Downtown Memphis Speaks Easy

Return to Memphis Aparment Borrow by AirbnbDowntown Memphis Rental House with Airbnb

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The house has a comfortable living space with a group of friends. The house has everything the guests need, such as four bedrooms, two bars, a large upstairs TV, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and free WiFi.

There is also a water table for you to enjoy and a canopy for you to enjoy. The building also has many interesting places such as Beale Street, BassPro Shop, Tom Lee Park, Victoria Village, Civil Rights Museum, and restaurants.


This is a great place for a great crowd! We had 11 people living here and they had never felt so crowded. Communication about entry, location, and any other questions were always quick and easy. It’s about a 5 minute Uber ride from almost anything, easily a 15 minute walk to another destination. In a very clean and beautiful house with cooler rooms, plus a nice indoor courtyard! We can advise any group of people (boys or girls) to go to Memphis for a trip. – Rhiannon

The Beauty Of Midtown In The Oldest Place

Airbnb Memphis Midtown Airbnb Memphis Midtown

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This one-room house is a living space if you would like to be in the middle of a car. This is because the Overton area has a lot to offer guests.

Some of the things you can do nearby are to see the Memphis Zoo, relax at Overton Park, play golf, hike, eat in Overton Square, and listen to theaters.

This home will help you to feel more comfortable when you are working hard because the room has a living room, kitchen, radio, and free WiFi.


The best location near the bars near Overton Park being the closest was a plus. I brought my bike on this trip so it was nice to ride in the park and then a green belt. – Carlos

Dream Studio in Great Walkable Location

Rent of Airbnb Studio in Memphis which is a great placeRenting an Airbnb Studio in Memphis is a great place

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The Dream Studio is an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful environment and good entertainment at the same time. A 600-meter-tall house is located in the Midtown area.

The house has everything you need from the kitchen, living room, television, laundry room, free WiFi, and a comfortable queen bed. There is also a balcony where you can suck. The building is also located in Overton Square, where there are restaurants, bars, and shops.

There are also theaters and theaters. If you want to explore the area in the morning, there are bikes and motorcycles that you can take to get around.


This is our second stay as we were amazed and delighted as the first time. We can’t brag enough to people about the size of the place. It’s great that you don’t want to leave even if you just sell the store. We listed the place as “far away”. – Andi

Beautiful Hiding Pool, Suspension, Sleeping 10

Memphis Airbnb with PoolMemphis Airbnb with Pool

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Looking for Airbnb in Memphis and pool? This is a great place to stay when traveling with friends or relatives. Best for the family, this vacation rental can accommodate up to 10 people.

It is a modern design of the sixth century, patio, with very comfortable beds according to previous guests. The area is also home to almost all the famous tourists in Memphis.


My family and I were thrilled. The house was absolutely beautiful. Very clean, spacious, beautiful place. The loved one was very active in communication. I would recommend this site to stay on you would not be offended. – Lavida

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