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Parik Laxminarayan and Alex Metzler are celebrating ten years of Fun Journeys and hope to create magical memories for many more exciting years to come.

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Author: Mouli

Parik Laxminarayan and Alex Metzler are celebrating ten years of Fun Journeys and hope to create magical memories for many more exciting years to come.

“What made you so willing to start a travel company without knowing anything about this job?” asked one of our fellow MBA classmates who is now a Partner at McKinsey. We dedicated our trip to a decade of meeting with INSEAD MBA in France.

We just replied that having a feeling of “what if” would have eaten us alive and as a result, we were drowning in the realization that the worst that could happen would be failure.

The best thing that can happen is where we are today – having created an exciting global travel company that travels to 31 foreign countries around the world, using enchanters from 18 countries from different countries and sharing the joy of travel every day!

We have vivid memories of the past ten years of this journey.

In the early days, we remember walking down the streets of Munich and Bangalore to find our first offices, picking up an airport in the middle of the night after receiving a phone call from a frustrated guest who went missing “missing”; making up our travel ideas (no wonder our first ideas from 2004 seem deceptive compared to what we have today); discussing room pollution; travel sales; to address the challenges they face in managing travel.

We can handwrite our checks at our entire hotel with our friends to pay for the night and find that we are building our own page without any technical skills.

Obviously, we also enjoyed a wonderful trip to the amazing places we visited, including our first trip to Sunderbans, India, where our boat was stranded in the mangrove jungles because the boatmen had insulted the mud in the river!

The first tour gave us some insight into the many experiences we experience when making Fun Trips.

We can lie if we say that the journey is easy.

Each day brings a new challenge but one that causes us to do three things:

1. Seeing our members grow and create opportunities for themselves is a great experience.

2. To hear from our guests that we have been able to change the memories of changing journeys and help them understand the meaning of happiness is truly encouraging.

3. Being able to share and have the joy of traveling to many parts of the world every day is very rewarding.

In 2024, if we had the opportunity to ask him to share our thoughts on the 20 years of our journey, we would like to look back and create a successful, profitable and supportive organization that is respected for following principles.

While many things are changing, growing and growing, we are convinced that one thing that cannot change is genuine care and interest in sharing the joys of travel with people and through our narrow way, making the world a better and happier place.

Thank you for joining us for a great trip – a decade of Fun Travels and Counting – with us.

Parik & Alex

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